WiFi Issues

Hi guys.!! Some of you knows who am I already. And I just want to play the game again. Recently I download the game again but theres an ISSUE. DQ TECH SUPPORT already helped regarding on this just this morning but the issue persists.

I play this game before using Mobile Data and now I want to play it using WiFi BUT here’s the catch, there’s a problem when playing using WiFi and I need to ON/OFF the WiFi to Download/Upload my account it such a frustration for me on this matter. By the way I tried it on my 3 Android Phones with 3 Different OS 5.0(Samsung Note 3), 5.1(Asus Zenfone Go 4.5 this phone is what I use before ro play this)and 6.0(LG G5)and still the issue persists. Is there any old players can help me regarding on this?

P.S: Im using the new version of DQ 3.1 just download it on Playstore


I need a help :disappointed:

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It sounds like the wifi you are using is the issue. If your Mobile Data was working, but now your wifi is not it could be restrictions that your Wifi connection is limiting you with.