Hi there!

I created a wiki to help players and to avoid the recurring questions, so before asking anything (which was surely already asked on the forum), please take a look at the wiki (and use the “search” function on the forum :smile: )


PS : Also, if something is missing, feel free to complete the wiki, any help is welcome! :unamused:

Awesome job.


We have a wiki now? Neat! :wink:


[quote=“lordknightstradmore”]We have a wiki now? Neat! :wink:


We had a wiki since forever. No one updated it til now.

[quote=“lordknightstradmore”]We have a wiki now? Neat! :wink:


We have had a wiki for 6 months already :astonished:

Any suggestions about what should be added to the wiki? :dieter:

A list of talents would be nice :dieter:


Awesome! :smiley:

Affixes available through enchanting would be appreciated. I know some affixes are by drop/find only, having a list of what is or isn’t could save players wasting crystal.

Again, gj on the wiki :smiley:

All skills is not craftable.
Reactor, maelstrom and nadroji are not craftable too.

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Can the wiki possibly be unlocked for editing? It’s really been a big help and I’d like to add the new set affixes @Refia

can you please update the information on this wiki so that newbies can have the full up to date information most likely for the affixes numbers e.g. HP/MP Total affixes changed to 7500 (from 10000/5000)

thanks …:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: