Will zenith give non piercing attacks a chance to pierce?

If i add a Zenith stone to an armor piece, will it give any attack 50% chance to pierce?

Yes :smile:

Yes but I’m not sure if all skills are affected but I guess DQ logic doesn’t have to make sense.

So I guess this is the way to get twister to pierce and boost utilize exposed mythic.

I’m honestly not sure but you can try it.

How would I be able to tell if it works or not? Is there anything in the stat pages that would change or would I have to deduce it based on the damage numbers?

Based on DMG numbers as it doesn’t show in stat page but I could be wrong.

Unfortunately it should work but it currently doesn’t, since it is bugged :confused:.

See video below.

just tested it with the storm skill and I currently have it functioning just fine

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@Griffin I’m 100% certain it doesn’t work. At first I thought it might be a MH/OH discrepancy since you insist it works with Storm, but now I’ve tested MH Storm as well and it doesn’t work.

Have you maybe observed Shock stack instead? It also adds 50% in damage.

I did the same test from the video with MH Pierce/Storm on an Arcane Weapon and Exposed on Chest, Zenith in Hat. 50% increase only after MH Pierce no matter how long I hit with Storm beforehand.

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No not shock stacks and nothing in my set up should be messing with it but I’ll try a character with 0 things outside of pierce chance since there’s always a chance that there’s a bug with a different affix screwing up my tests :confused: