Wiz - Make it Rain - M3 1000+ | Build help

Hey all, this is my make it rain build. I’m a noob, so plz dont judge. It seems pretty effective at clearing floors and farming eternals; albeit i’m only @ 1K M3 and cannot attest to anything higher (though I’m not encountering much resistance)

The benefits- Unlimited mana pool essentially, super speed teleporting around, absolutely silly range with storm, etc.

I know this build could be better, but i don’t know what to cut & am flying by the seat of my pants as I don’t always understand the order at which calculations occur. Can someone offer guidance, suggestions, etc?

Notes, hypothesis’s and Questions

  • Storm at +40 is a must (for CD reduction)

  • I have the lions share of eternals available for crafting

  • Is +15% immolate (or +50% bleed damage) better than adding cosmic to the build?

  • Are Imp loot benefits worth overlooking other options?

  • Where is the happy farming medium with this build? Should i make secondary class primarily farm?

  • Is blistering required to trigger bleeds? or does elemental crit have that covered?

  • If my armor is ice elemental, and it triggers mirror image, does that mirror image only cast ice? IE: can i use this to work frozen into the build?

  • PS: I have read that Arcanist, Ascendent and Effective doesn’t work well… but I honestly have great success with it, and fail considerably without it.

Thank you in advance!

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Im happy if I can zoom that picture. But I cannot. :grin:
Is your skills are Barrage, Storm — Teleport, Shatter? Am I right? Eternals can’t change skills.

Better to put 2x PtL, 1x Barbarian and 2x GC + Empower… put 30% Dodge and Pathfinder so you can’t die easily.

Basically when you’re going to hike its a must to have this Set Affixes:

Pathfinder - Dodge = DMG
Adventurer - Loot Gold = MS + DMG
Momentum - MS = DMG
Frozen/Crushing Flames - Heart of Set

Set Affixes of your choice to partner on the above sets are:

Cosmic Power
Aethereal Drain
Eternalized (Farming 1000+ M3)
Crystalline (Farming 1000+ M3)

Hope it helps.

Elemental Critical or you can use Nova Mythic to trigger Elemental Crit DMG. Immolate has a chance of 100% Bleed.

Then crushing flames will be effective for all floors :smile: with elemental crits of fire using the immolate.

Here’s a close up :slight_smile:

I’m going to frank you no hard feelings. +1 for perfect Crystal Roll BUT Legends and Epic Affix are totally bad. Eternalized?? Change it to something better. :blush: Change OH to Legend Type so you can modify affixes and skills. And again read what I comment on the top. :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

Hope it helps. :blush:

I have skullshield build for farm + hike floor…u will just blitzin through the map lootin the drops…coz im a super lazy farmer…check it out