WIZARD and Rogue Farm BUILD(FLOOR 3K +)2.0



Please comment and suggest !!!If you have some tips you are welcome.

Im guessing your on the old patch because of the hireling?
If not, i suggest removing one crushing flames from the hireling as it will hinder your damage to stronger mobs greatly, instead, try electrocution.
Another thing would be to change the element of the hirelings chest to frost as this will greatly increase the damage of frozen’s explosion chain

Why change only the chest If my weapon is fire?im on the New patch.The Frozen explosion kill easyly ALL big mobs.I dont have problems with enemy heal too,im using 2 cb to kill faster the small Minions.I Will update a vídeo showing How i Deal with big mobs with heal affix on map.

Just need to grab a small number of mobs when they are almost dieing…the explosion of killed mobs will kill easily even if they are at Full health sometimes.

In this vídeo i killed a Mythic enemy with heal affix and half of Hp missing by one big explosion by killed mobs.Thats why i have 18 area of effect,its increase damage of Frozen by grabing ALL Minions around you.

How you obtained Battle Mage set on Rime Shield?

@Ilovegrind you can change set affixes on items via amethyst

Oh thanks

I think battle mage can’t be rolled in amethyst.

Change to WIZARD class and use amethyst

Amazing build!


Another option to raise the damage but loses block(I like burst more :smile:).Also ,change the weapon of Wizard to Ice instead of shock

Can this build go up to 5000 floor?

Easy!2 cb always kill small mobs by 1 hit.Im killing epic enemys in 3 sec using taunt with some small mobs,and legend and mithyc with heal affix on map 10-30secs(depends How many Minions you grab with…just let they below 30% healh and use taunt with mobs)

Actually, you cant kill any mob using cb only unless you have 8 crushing flames set because cb damage depends on the current health of the enemy. There are some mobs that are not tauntable specially the blue worm which is i think the downside of this build. I’ve used that build before(not exactly the same) when i was around 4000(im not sure) but now Im currently in floor 5000+ using only wizard without hireling

I change the element of wizard’s weapon to Ice,so Just use primary skill and freeze all worms easily and then your hire explode them all.

To kill epic+ worms with heal affix, Just let your hire dies(because he can kill the mobs around you)and then ,taunt some enemys next to the Worm ,revive your hero and gg.

Cb 2 is almost 1 hit kill to simple enemys,because you have multi and extra atack.You only need to grab enemys to kill epic + If the map has heal affix,If not ,your hire kill them only with arrows,but Frozen explosion is faster.

Can you show your Wizard build?

This is my build but i’m currently working to improve this like changing ascendant because its useless, two crystal attackspeed which is too much for ats cap, and low survivability

Btw, my build is not focused in damage over time but rather hit over time/hit frequency
And the main purpose of this build is to kill mythic enemy in 1v1 + farming

Yeah its good,can you update a vídeo to see How It Works.

I dont know why but whenever i try to upload a video this error shows up

I will post my update build if I’m done farming enough crystal to improve that build.