Wizard build advice

I’m looking for a good wizard build that’s effective to use until I can get the items to build a super build like green garden, any advice please, I do have a bombard staff at the moment. Wizard is only class I haven’t focused on yet

Take a look at this guide :smile:

Refia, thanks for showing him my guide! :smile: I appreciate it. I worked for a month or two trying to make this set as best as possible? I gotten to halfway up mythic league and close to eternal league. Only Thing i need to do is update my stat points for eternal league to be the most damaging possible.

To be honest, I didn’t know how far I would go with aftermath set in battle arena and floors. Before I added crystal affixes or legemd affixes along with other crystal affixes or mythstones, I kept losing on mythic 3 so that forced me to try and make it more powerful. I learnt many new things from you guys in the forums and me discovering new affixes or abilities.

You can use the aftermarth set for PVP. I know someone who is “abusing” it and he is pretty unkillable. :smile: @Clogon

that build is killable i play in arena 5 hour ago and encounter clogon timemage while he equiped with that setup. and able to kill it with rogue dagger i just made yesterday. why u said that it unkillable lol. clogon himself mention that his toon able to kill each other.

He has currently equpped some random eternal pieces :slight_smile:
It’s not a rocket science to beat him with his current equipment.

nope, i check his equipmebt 6/6 mythic item after i win and it wand as MH, Tome as OH.

Congratz. Shall we open a congratulation topic about it?

Nahh that okay i just tell u that it not UNBEATABLE,

That might be me :smile: Whats his affix stats or gear? is it crystal aftermath or something else. post screenshot if need be.

You shall ask Clogon directly. But he is currently inactive.

he not mean about clogon affix. he was thinking about the build that ppl have hard time to beat was his.