Wizard Build & Affix Help (Plagued Storm)

Hi guys! This is my first post here and I hope that you could help me.

First, here's my stats & build

Please note that all of the details and questions here are referring to Wizard Class.

Now, here are my questions:

  1. What would be the best Set for Bloodmagic aside from Plagued ?
  2. My Wizard is really squishy. Just one hit from a Rare enemy and I'll die. What should I do?
  3. Can you guys give me some layman explanation of the most popular or most used sets for Wizard?
That's all for now. I hope that you guys can help me. Thank you in advanced.

Bloodmagic is not effecient in pve, try switching to energy if you like wizard.
I suggest that you dont waste your crystals, try to save them up first, try to use sanctuary on amulet.

Change the two 20% poison damage with crushing blow so that you will feel a big difference.
Duck tape build is a must.

Dont waste crystals bro, save save save

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My advise will be to just start creating new build from scratch. Having high hp at high levels won’t help you even if you have 10mil hp you will be oneshooted . The only things that can save you are max dodge or max block or both and sanctuary mythic. As far as I know equality doesn’t work with bloodmagic since for it to take effect you have to have hp and mana that are as equal as possible (20k hp and 20k mana for example)also earthquake mythic is not good for pve. I would also suggest that you first make a farming build(or look for one on the forum)if you don’t already have one so. That my advise if you have any questions just ask. Have fun!


Thank you for your response. By the way, I saw on another thread that Crushing Blow will be less effective on high rarity enemies. So I’m thingking about getting Brutal and getting some Deadly Strike affix. I already modified my build. I removed the Bloodmagic and would just stick into normal resource with Aethereal Drain and Druidic


Thank you for your tip. I removed my Bloodmagic and added Aethereal Drain & Druidic set. By the way, what would possibly be the best MH weapon Mythic skill for PVE?

Nice going dude.
Crushing blow is good as long as you have high base dmg or killing blow.

In early stages you will feel its not important but as you climb higher, this will be your weapon, for now save crystal in order to prepare for your set for stages like 750 + or 1000k above, you will feel the struggle there.

Try to squeeze sanctuary in amulet if you dont have hireling, this will save you a lot of times.


Noted. Thank you so much for that. Right now I’m focuses on Fast clear and maximum EXP gain so that I can Max Ascend first.


Interesting build but try 100% ED where possible instead of 20% poison dmg. 200% WD on your main weapon, use a different resource Mythic such as “Energy” . or Fury with the primary weapon. If not 200% WD, add epic 100% weapon dmg on Wand if you don’t want to change weapon.

Add crystal affixes such as 225% crit , potentially 90% weaken later if not ignore resist, crystal 45% crit chance. If not use epic 75% crit for now. Crystal Luck or gold if farming. Crushing blow 30% , deadly strike if you crit damage.

Legend 50% Item drops to save slots from fortune mythstone later. There, you slowly build a budget farm or floor build into a high end one with time :smile: .

Can confirm plagued still good, easy floor 1000 farm clears thanks to it. Crushing flames or frozen builds are also options but stick with plagued.

Other affixes you can do are 100% execute dmg or demonic which both go well with Plagued. Fester talent is like Inferno for Poison + extra duration. Add another Blight if you want.
Double Strike is another option, Glasscannon, Barbarian/Push the Limit.

Keep 30% elemental crit instead of adding Aethereal Drain set. Keep Equality as well or as a resource Mythic, use Equality+ Equivalence Mythic combo. + regen with Druidic set. Used to be Equivalence buffed regen quite a bit.

If you go closeup, Earthquake mythics good, but you can always change it.
Talents: keep Fester 20, Magnify, Sorcery. Change wizardy to Amplify since you have Elemental crit already.

Hero points: looks good. Dexterity, your skills, fortune, etc.