Wizard Build Help for floor 200+


when I got my first Nadroji, I was experience farming around M3 F110, with Fortunate Perk. that gave me luck 550%, with the luck shrine, 750%. if you don’t have the Fortunate Perk, and you’re on M3, that is 350% luck, 550% with a luck shrine.
good luck on the Nadroji hunt.


Yup. I read posts about that too. It was really helpful for a newbie in lvling up.

Is this a legend pet? or just an epic one? :slight_smile:

If I get a map with affixes that makes it hard for me kill monsters fast, I just reroll it with larimar :joy:

Btw, Is getting an eternal map really rare? Did you already get one?


eternal maps are pretty rare.


Wow. Did you get one already? :open_mouth:


ive had many. :slight_smile: still do have a few.


Yeap. I got the fortunate perk now. Hope it helps in my nadroji hunt
:slight_smile: :heart_eyes:

Yey! Thank you. :joy:


:astonished: whoa. nice.


my pet started out magic or rare, and I just added affixes, so I guess it ended up Epic. but I changed out the affixes about 10 different times as my build evolved. it was terrible taking out affixes that were maxed on the pet, then replacing them with another one, and having to wait until enough Enslavers were found to get the affixes maxed again. :sob:
as far as the maps go, the normal/magic ones are easy, only 1-3 affixes to worry about. with rare/epic maps you have 4-6 affixes to worry about, so sometimes it becomes choosing between the lesser of 2 evils. I tend to roll just enough larimars so that I don’t get skyfall, tnt, leech nerf, extra attacks, and I think I am getting close to the point where monster heal is starting to be a problem.
I have found 1 Eternal Map, but I used it before I learned about saving it for special occasions.
congratulations on getting the Fortunate Perk, now on to the next one! :smirk_cat:


lol… so there is others who reject skyfall. i just think its an obnoxious affix.


some times I will do sky fall, just for the fun of it. besides, it is a good test of my defenses and stuff.


if shiny box ever changes the skyfall mechanics so that it stays stopped after cartographer, i wont bypass it. but as is now, its just repetitive, not challenging, mostly obnoxious, considering how many furies drop with same effect in ps150 maps. @78% dodge and 78% block… they dont much bother me. its more of a principle for me.

honestly… i play on some of the hottest android gear you can buy… and i just cant imagine what ps150 falling furies + skyfall + plagued could do to some peoples hardware. rofl


Special occasions? What do you mean? :confused:[quote=“Golem, post:29, topic:19852”]

I tend to roll just enough larimars so that I don’t get skyfall, tnt, leech nerf, extra attacks, and I think I am getting close to the point where monster heal is starting to be a problem.

Yeah. Those are the affixes I dislike seeing in the maps I get. :joy:


Indeed. S3 mini and skyfall + pack size = slow af and certain other hardware. My hardware can handle it but at the cost o battery.


I read in the Forums that some people who want better chances of getting rare crystals, convert their Eternal/Crystal items on Legend/Eternal maps. since they give a big bonus to luck, better chances of rarer crystals. if the affixes on Legend items, including the Legend maps, are always 75% of value or higher, then luck would be +375%-500% for Legend, and +750-1,000% on Eternal. on top of what you already have on your character. even converting regular Legend items to crystals on Legend maps, I can tell I get better crystal results.


Okay. I’ll take note of that. Thanks again! :slight_smile:


I thought of that. Its a nice tip indeed and having monster boost on eternal map feels like 2 eternal maps in one and the added bonus of pet rarity being higher has chances to drop in eternal map.

Sometimes legend maps I also choose for crystal feat, converting and sometimes pets.


true, in addition to the luck boost, there is a crystal boost. cant wait to get the Mythical set so I can get a good farming build going. I really want the 2 most rare myth stones, my builds are barely waiting patiently for them to become available. I would use gold to convert lower to higher MS, but at the moment, the gold is helping me go through my CS like crazy.