Wizard Build Help for floor 200+

Hello to all DQ players out there! :slight_smile:

I rushed leveling up and finally I ascended and got the fortunate perk. (Hoping to increase my luck in getting good quality items and the nadroji items that’s been really elusive to me :cry: )

Just need help in my farming build with the current items I have now. Which affixes or talents should I change or improve with crystals? Should I get a mythic item now? (Sorry I can’t provide screenshots. I got a shitty phone :slight_smile: :grinning: I just got so engrossed with the game that I didn’t mind if it gets so lag sometimes lol :laughing: :joy:)

Here’s the gears that I’m currently equipped with:
MH: Pandemic of Death
+91.9% blight
+22.4% storm proc
+9.3 crushing blow
+16.9 poison dmg%
+14.6% Toxic

OH: Necrotic Grimoire of Haste
Plagued Bonus
+81.6% Blight
+22.1% Storm Proc
+22.1% Total HP
+13.9% Toxic

Hat: Wanderer’s Cap of Strength
Sacrifice 19 spiritmancer
+25% total mp
+25% total hp
+13.3% move speed
+14% exp gain
+16.3% poison dmg

Amulet: isis of Death
Recall 20 spiritmancer
Satyr’s Spirit
+8 Fortune
+4.3% pick-up radius
+9 storm
+69.8% gold find
+73.7% Crit Dmg

Armor: Eternal Pestilence of Haste
Lvl 84 cosmic 16 elementalist
+164.9% blight
+36.6% Torrent proc
Ignore resist
+748 HP Regen
+774 MP Regen

Ring: Eternal Magus of Death
Lvl 95 magnify 19 elementalist
+166.7% Blight
+8 all arch mage
+6 all talents
+7822 poison dmg +
+35.8% Poison Dmg%
+27.9% Toxic

Hero points: 29 in storm, 20 in fortune , 10 in intelligence, 10 strength (should I put some points in command or summon too?)

I also have these items in my inventory:
Armor: Eternal Parity of Death focus 19 archmage (Equality; +94.6% Balance, +20 strength, +888 MP regen, 2 empty sockets)

Ring: Eternal Starvation of the Elements Bewilder 20 Archmage (Vampiric Touch; +48.2 Sprint Proc, +18.7% Bleed chance, +86.4% bleed damage, +44.4% total HP; +51.5% weaken

OH: Eternal Chromatic Orb, lvl 86 Ascendent, +576.8% Explosive, +8 all elementalist, +14 intelligence, +34.9 arcane dmg %, empty socket)

Amulet: Eternal Pestilence of Luck, lvl 95 Recall 19 spirit mancer (Plagued; +153.2% Blight,+43.8% Storm Proc, +35.7% Poison Dmg%, +40.2% Total HP, +26.8% Toxic)

Manashield: Echo Brace of evasion (Permafrost; +710.1 all resist, +42.6% Glasscannon, +22.8% Time Warp Proc, +10 Barrier, +10 timewarp)

And other few legend items (ascendant, reactor, druidic, inferno, aftermath, spirit master)

I just use my lvl 100 epic fairy or lvl 99 epic hound as my pet. I also have Hell (lvl 45, slime legend pet in my inventory—not using it though :weary: )

Suggestions, anyone?

Thank you in advance to those who will help :blush:

I’d max out strength,dexterity and intelligence and get skill and fortune bonuses from items. I’m floor 780 mythic 3

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are you going for more perks, farming for loot, or climbing floors?
if you are Ascending for Perks, your gears need to do everything, but mostly get experience. I started in Very Easy, but eventually I moved over to Mythic 3 floor 110 to farm for all my Perks. when you get all the Perks you want then you can start working on your farming/climbing gear. the core of my Ascending Build was 200% experience boost. I didn’t put gold or luck on my gear, just used the Fortune Skill and Fortunate Perk. that saved space for other stuff. I didn’t have any set affixes, and only had Brutal Mythic and Epic affixes. when I got them, I added Crystal affixes to boost the power of my build.
for my farming build, I have gold find and luck at 850% each, with 100% item drop. this is the core of my Farming Build. now, this was my third attempt at making a farming build, but I have been tweaking it as I go along, and have a few more tweaks in mind. I am around Mythic 3 floor 340+. I am hoping to get to floor 500-510 with this build, then I can start getting cool loot to work on my climbing and PVP builds. at the moment this build has 4 Crystal affixes, Plagued (1), Equality(1), and Pathfinder (1)(on pet) sets. my first pet for this build was a Fairy, then I decided to try a Poison Slime with different Elements for testing. only added the Pathfinder Pet recently for the Set, but it sure changed my build a lot. still trying to figure out the changes. :confused: Brutal, Harmony, Nova, and Equivalence Mythics, and a few Legend affixes to spice things up. the rest are Epic affixes.
both of these Builds started with Legend items, but in the first build, I ended up eventually getting rid of all the original affixes for others, and in the second build, I got them for only 1 loot affix each, which I built my build around.
I know this isn’t really advice, but I don’t know enough to give you good advice, but I thought sharing what I did with my builds will help you figure something out with your build.


Hi golem! Right now, I’m farming for better loot to climb higher floors. Should I just focus on floors 150-200 mythic 3 or do some farming at floor 200+? :slight_smile:

and do you know how much does it cost to get the 2nd up to the last ascension perk? Just curious. :grinning:

5 million
10 million
15 million
20 million
30 million

something close to that iir

ObiWanKenobi is correct for the amounts of gold needed to get each Perk. if your going to focus on farming, drop the experience affixes. you can make an Ascending Build using Quest stones later.
if you are beating up monsters at level 200, just stay there and farm. you wont get the lowest 2 crystals/myth stones, but you can always go to lower levels or convert higher to lower. also, it will give you an opportunity to see how your build does against epic+ monster when they show up. plus, at level 200, you have a choice of using the normal map or challenge maps.
my farming build at the moment has 2 Greed and 2 Luck natures. I have 2 Fortune skill affixes, so that my Fortune skill is at 40 (max). I have 2 gold find and 2 luck affixes on my gear. with the bonus for being on Mythic 3 difficulty, and with Fortunate Perk, my gold find and luck is at 850. I also have all the Perks now, so I am getting a lot of Eternal Legends, and all the other good stuff that comes with the Perks. :fireworks::sparkler::sparkles::heart_eyes_cat:
for defense I have block 15% and dodge 60%, HP on hit 500 and MP on hit 250, with the Mythic affixes I mentioned above. most of every thing else is helping me do a little more farming or a lot more damage.
just so you know, my Ascension Build was made with cheap Legend items. as I went deeper into the dungeons, and collected better loot, I did some crafting on my gear as I went along. my first goal was to get all 6 Perks first, then work on farming to get climbing/PVP gear. I had the same Legend gear up until I got my fifth Perk, but by then, I had changed out all the affixes for better affixes that helped me Ascend. that was when I got the Nadroji Bonus that totally messed up my build (my fault) and it took me a week of dying a lot before I could fix the problem. but in the end, I had the Nadroji bonus as part of my Ascending build. :sunglasses:
I am kind of discovering that I need to do farming and climbing in stages. farm for a better climbing build, climb to a better place to farm, farm in better place to get better loot for better climbing build…on and on and on! :crying_cat_face:
when you go back to Ascending for Perks again, just farm around levels 101-110. monster experience stops going up at level 100 (many posts on this subject) so better to be on a level you can smash monsters fast for the experience.
I know this was a long reply, but I hope it helps.

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okay. thank u sir :slight_smile:

I shouldn’t put heroic points in fortune? :confused:

sure you can. 20 points spent. 20 points on gear.

40 Fortune


Hi Golem! Thank you for sharing your gaming experience. :smile: Do you have a pic of your current gears? If you don’t mind I’d like to see it :confused:

With my current gears I’m at floor 241-only at epic difficulty though. I’ll stop here for now :smiley: I think I’d like to get my 2nd ascension perk- dealer as of now. I neeed more gold. Only have 94M. So I’m doing 150-200 M3 difficulty. I’m lvl 64 right now :smiley:

Where do you get nadroji gears? What floor? Or should I just get one of it using the 3,790 dusts I have now? :weary: :confused:

Okay. thank you again :slight_smile:

Btw, would it be practical to just convert these 4 eternal items to ultra rare crystals? Or should I just keep it in my stash for the meantime?
Armor: Eternal Parity of
Ring: Eternal Starvation of the Elements
OH: Eternal Chromatic Orb, lvl 86 Ascendent
Amulet: Eternal Pestilence of Luck

i salvage / convert anything of no immediate use, outside of legend pets.

you can recraft them later via codex

Nadroji’s can be located anywhere after floor 100. look in codex at legends. it will tell you where / how to unlock.

Yeah. I already read it in the codex. Maybe I don’t have enough luck to get it :smile:

Golem and obiwankenobi are correct. Your items are the most important. 20 points to fortune and intelligence etc supplement them and your abilty to farm

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Hey dont forget the basics, you need +2set on both ring and amulet, it will greatly help a lot

@k.ian what +2 sets? :confused:

an affix(commonly and can only be found on nadroji ring and amulet also the haunting amulet) that will make the effect of the affix higher, example:

just an imaginary one😄

you have a set druidic that makes ung damage 5%, then if you have +2 the said set will become (3)druidic from (1)druidic, and the effect will triple too to 15%, so if both ring and amulet has +2, a single set would become 5 also its effects, also +2 can be found on mythstone named ‘elixer’ .

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@nee_chan I haven’t practiced posting pictures yet, but eventually I will do that, so others can get some good ideas from the builds I have tried.
the 6 Legend items I got with dust, for Ascending, were 3 Satyrs Spirit, 2 Adventurer, and 1 Emberglow. the Adventurer hat was the only Legend with experience affix. all the other, except Emberglow, had Fortune affix for my Fortune skill. Emberglow I got because it was cheap (10 dust) and I wanted an Orb. when I got the Fortunate Perk (my second Perk) I was able to trade the Fortune affixes for something else, usually something for defense or more damage. plus I had to make room for the 6 Quest myth stones to get the 200% experience boost.
many people have posted about using 3 sets of gears for Ascending, level 1 or 2, 40, and 100. I got the same Legend items for each of those levels, and the 2 lower level sets I only did a little bit of crafting, as most of my crafting went into the level 100 set.
just look in the Codex to see what I started with. this is what it ended up looking like when I got my sixth Perk.

Satyr’s Rod of Death
30% deadly strike (CS)
50% damage (MS)
+2 attack chance epic
75% crit damage epic
30% experience (MS)
100% weapon damage% epic

Emberglow of Death
30% crushing blow (CS)
+2 extra attack chance epic
75% crit damage epic
+2 multi attack Legend
30% elemental crit Legend
30% experience (MS)

Brutal Robe (Pioneer’s Coat) of Elements
30% crushing blow (CS)
15% attack speed epic
30% experience (MS)
10% dodge epic
10% deadly strike epic

Nadroji’s Crown (replaced Wanderers Cap) of Elements
Nadroji Bonus Legend
+500 MP on hit (CS)
10% dodge epic
10% deadly strike epic
75% crit damage epic
30% experience (MS)

Stone of Nadroji (replaced Fortuna) of Elements
90% weaken (CS)
40% experience (MS)
15% attack speed epic
10% deadly strike epic
30% elemental crit Legend
Nadroji (2) Set

Nadroji’s Crystal (replaced Isis) of Elements
Nadroji (2) Set
45% crit chance (CS)
40% experience (MS)
75% crit damage epic
10% dodge epic
15% attack speed epic

+5,000 ice damage+ epic
+250 HP on hit epic
10% dodge epic
30% weaken epic
75% crit damage epic
14.8% attack speed epic

Talents were Prismatic, Sorcery, Wizardry/Amplify, and Magnify. I kept going back and forth between Wizardry and Amplify, wasn’t sure which was helping me the most.
Skills were 20 Comet, 20 Twister, 20 Dexterity, and the rest in Strength and Intelligence. I took the points out of Fortune when I got the Fortunate Perk, 200% gold/luck is better that 100% gold/luck/item drops. at least I thought so.
the order I got my Perks were: Accomplished, Fortunate, Enshrined, Dealer, Hunter, Treasured.
Accomplished because Hero Points give me versatility, Fortunate because 200% over cap for Gold and Luck, Enshrined because now I wanted the extra shrine and bonuses to help me get more experience and loot, Dealer, because at this point I needed lots of gold, Hunter, because I needed even more experience, and I did Treasured last, so I didn’t lose all my gold converting Legend/Eternal items into dust or crystal before I was ready.
my pet, as I was tweaking the build, got a lot of tweaking also. when I got the Crystal affixes, that made room on my pet for other affixes that I needed for a stronger build. it was hard having an affix maxed out on the pet, only to have to take it out because of that awful Crystal affix and put in another affix, and have to wait for it to max out again. :sob:

this build works great farming for experience at levels 100-110. you can farm at 200, but takes a little longer. I was able to do floor 268, but if the map affixes were in the monsters favor, I would die a lot, and Epic+ monsters were really hard.
I was experimenting with attack speed at the end of my Ascension, so you could put something else in there. this wont get you through the map fast, but it does pretty good.
hope this helps.

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oh lol :joy: yeah that’s why I wanted to have those nadroji items… i’m still farming for it though :cry: :cry: