Wizard build help plz

First of all, i really dont like wizard char. I know sounds crazy. Ive been playing warrior for a while so i decide to try a new char and i think wizard will be fun to try.

I also seen wizard on youtube that dmg BILLIONS! Floor 2000+ ep8

Anyone ca share a build for wizard that can do billion Dmg.

Hope someone can share
Thank in advance :wink:

Search wizard build in upper right, will bring up many previous post on wizard build with big time damage

Yeah but those post are way back 2014-15

Its 2.1ver already and too many nerf

Thats why im having a hardtime to kill at 1000+ floor ep8 with my warrior with 1b dps


It’s a hireling build though (I guess?). You can mod a few things on this to work as a main. Actually, I think it can actually work as a main well enough to reach floor 700 and up.