Wizard build, need pro players advice

Hi guys,

So I have been playing for a few days now and I have read most of the guides and info, they are very useful but I am still unsure of many things. Seems like the way to go is to get a ton of crystals and start crafting items with the correct affixes. I have ascended once with Dealer perk and now trying to farm back to the next one but I do not have quest stones or exp gear. I got to lvl99 at around floor 200+ and ascended right away which could be a mistake? I am trying to go for any solid farming build (pve)

  1. do I keep going at very easy difficulty to try and reach floor 500+? is that the most efficient way to get crystals?
  2. if so, then when should I start to switch to M3 for farming?
  3. what items should I be looking out for, and what to do with them? ( start crafting on red items or any item will do)? I saw that Mutiny is a good item, I have found one randomly with Defiant Set affix, so what should I do with it? perhaps some veterans can recommend me a build based on it and head me in the right direction so I know where to focus on from there.
    Sorry if there’s too many noob questions, Appreciate all the help I could get. Thanks
  1. Easy mode is a good way to get top tier crystals at floor 500 for your first time but you’ll need crystalline and mythical for those crystal and Mythstone higher tiers to drop easier but one shot enemies at floor 500 is pretty efficient at getting high tier crystals.

However on harder difficulty like mythic 3, it’s actually easier to get maximum gold find, luck and item drops and at floor 350 mythic 3 is where you find the crystalline set but on any difficulty you find the fabled mythical hat. Still, you can do real good dmg to floor 500 enemies as they hardly have as much HP as believed to be. If you can one hit them or close to it, it’s even more efficient in mythic 3 for gettwaluable legends like cerebral Vortex and stuff. How?

Arcanist+ Ascendant, momentum with 100% move speed (40% by gear which is 2 move speed affix with dexterity and you can get the rest by skills such as sprint, coat, etc), adventurer to go with momentun as one option, pathfinder to go with dodge , defiant if you want and maybe affix like frozen to make sure frozen enemies explode.
With that, also add 1x 50% glasscannon, 1x 50% barbarian if need be , maybe 1x push the limit , elemental crits , 2-3x 100% ED and 2-3x frostbiting to multiply frozen exploding dmg by 3-4x every explosions for easy billions of dmg. That way mythic 3 can become slightly easier. Obviously use Ignore resist because that’s a great affix for a newbie if not 90%+ weaken.

Also of course mythics such as cosmic orb , a chest mythic to do 3x deadly strike instead of 2 or a mythic that increase all dmg by 50% from bleed or pierce build. Sanctuary for survivability and a appropriate resource system for your build. Energy mythic regenerates 30% of MP every second but you get to deal very close to 100% bonus Dmg or double . Fury mythic regenerates if you spam primary skill and increase special skill Dmg by 50% which is still a lot. Also a head mythic related to MP or no such as harmony, desperation for running out of MP withou system or for a resource system such as Discordance.

Make great use of talents so you can try: Amplify 20, Empower 20, Astral 20 with 20 intelligence/Magnify 20 and Sorcery 20 /Focus 20.

Natures: you can try putting 6x of the elements nature from the beryl crystal for 30% ED which is big boost or you can add crit dmg or attack speed. As long as it really benefits your build.

Crystal affix: use thing like 1x crit dmg, 1x crit chance, maybe a weaken crystal affix (if not , use ignore resist legend affix on gear but weaken goes very good with Ascendant and Arcanist), 1x crushing blow for high floor (mythic 3 only), possible deadly strike crystal affix and maybe another crit crystal affix or a regen affix or some other you want. Of course if it’s a farm build at say mythic 3 (most efficient for luck), use 1x luck crystal affix per character (that’s without Epiphany set found at floor 600 epic). You can use crystal 30% dodge for Pathfinder.

Another way to achieve 350% crit dmg without 2x crystal crit dmg is just 1x 225% crit dmg crystal affix and a Rage Set affix at (5).

Hero point: put 20 in intelligence generally, 20 in fortune , 20 or so in your most used skills and 20 in dexterity.

Mythstone: Obviously add 2x 2+ all set Mythstone or alternatively use a Nadroji ring and amulet for the 2+ all sets if you have no elixir stone.In farm build easy or mythic 3 mode , you can use 6 socket per character and put the fortune Mythstone for item drops. You can get capped item drops very well (in hirling mode, item drops is buffed by 100% so all the more worth it because 300% item drops is very powerful which can easily be done on very easy or mythic 3). If you have enough legend crystal called ruby, you can add item drops affix on each gear which saves many slots from Mythstone but far more expensive. Sfill, it spends about 3 instead of 6 per character.

What items should you look out for? You should look out for : Unreal Hood/ Fabled Staff for the mythical set and for the free mythic slots which is useful for newbie; gemmed crown/glinting sword/slicer/dagger for the crystalline set which makes rarer crystals easier; Immortal wand / boundless cap for Eternalized set which can be useful to find eternal legends for converting to ultra rare crystal or to try on but this is best with good enough luck% and item drops; aethereal drain items such as aether crown and aether wrap for the ED% on gear which you can get on very easy mode for progression and it goes good with the Defiant legend you found; on mythic 3, you should look out for any Cerebral Vortex legend, particularly the ring and masochist legends for Push the Limit, Barbarian and WD% on weapon.

If you have other class hirling (best warrior because their items favour the wizard class a lot such as masochist axe with 100% WD to really boost your dmg), ease use them to make farming a hell of a lot easier.That doesn’t mean to say single player farming isn’t possible but just that it’s easier with hirling.

Lastly, about the Mutiny Gauntlet, this is a good item because of the 100% ED to the gear which is useful before you get access to 100 WD% on gauntlet and defiant gives a straight up 25% dmg and when you’re in sanctuary mode, your dmg turns into near 50% boost. Pathfinder with 40%+ dodge is very good too . Also great as dmg reduction although DPS is far more important in campaign and avoiding enemies is better than taking the hits. It takes too many slots for more HP and survival for floor 500 mythic 3 anyways so it’s not usually worth it.


I started off as a wizard player myself as well.

Hi CuzegSpiked,

Wow thanks for the great in-depth guide and your pointers, it took me some time to digest them. Basically, you have set the target on which affixes I, or any new wiz player should be aiming for to complete the build. However my main problem now is farming up crystals and also the items with Ascendant + arcanist as you have recommended, Right now I have maybe 2 Ascendant items and I have never seen arcanist. As mentioned, I have ascended one time already and at this moment I am lvl75 going for 2nd ascension.

Due to lack of proper gear, I am using 4 piece Aftermath set since I just so happened to find and complete this set on my progression journey so far. I am trying to get up to the highest floor possible on Very Easy like you said to farm the higher tier crystals, but it seems like I die very easily in 2-3 shots and I’m only approaching floor 280+. I have around 45k hp and what I do is teleport and shatter around to summon meteors and if I stop for a few seconds the mobs will probably kill me in a couple of hits. I do not think I could last much longer and I have another 200+ floors to go.
So my question for now, is that is this the way it should be? what can I do in my current situation to increase survivability as I work my way up. I also find that having enough mana is a problem as I drain mana very quickly while teleporting around. Should I be using the MP % steal stone?

One last question for now, regarding the kill legend and mythic enemy Feats kill count, does it make a difference if I watch the kill count to the last 1 or 2 enemies to go, then open a Red map to spawn the Red or purple enemy so that the luck find % is higher on the red map? Does it matter if I spawn it at a certain floor or at a certain difficulty?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to more advices, hope many other new wizards benefit as well.

There’s probably tons of ways to get started in this game - all I can say is - this one worked for me: it is a wizardbuild, low egonomy/easy to get started/good explanations in the guide - and best of all - the OP, Griffin, is a tome of knowledge when it comes to this game, and very helpfull. So - if you read the guide and try to understand the stuff written and combine this with the answers you will hopefully get to whatever questions might appear, it will eventually get you started as far as understanding this game:)

Good luck, and welcome to the game!


Hi Wack,

Thanks, 4th day into the game and I must say it is awesome.

I have seen that build, I have done it but not fully complete as what it says but the main mechanics are there.
Comparing that and the one I had (aftermath), I feel that aftermath kills much faster by teleporting around.
Although survivability is not so good, I die more times compared to the Duct Tape starter, and both doesn’t give me smooth clearance from floor 300 and up.( very easy). In fact I die too often to continue my floor progression I’m stuck around the low 300+s.
Can I ask which floor did you get up to using this starter when you first used it for youself?
That being said, should I be sticking to just a particular floor/difficulty to farm rinse & repeat till I can start crafting, instead of focusing on floor progression?

The problem is the builds info are there and helpful, but I cant seem to reach that floor to farm the required mythstones/crystals etc.

Thanks :slight_smile:

For the required crystals, keep on farming the same old floor over and over as long as you get legends fast. Say floor 200. You’ll probably also get a lot of gold to convert a lot of legends to at least get you started with enough topazes and jaspers and all.

For ascension perk, have you chose fortunate? I think treasured would be really good one for you.

I might not be the right person to consult as far as solo-play goes, as I got stuck on progress on my wizard aswell around floor 400 - trying to farm ‘frightening choker’.
Because of that I decided to get a second character, and got myself a rogue - so I’ve been playing with a main + hireling ever since, trying to make builds that maxed luck/gold find on the main, and as much dps as possible on the hireling.

Because of that - I might not be the perfect guy to give advice on solo play beyond floor 400ish.
That said - I’ve reached floor 700 so far playing with a hireling setup. Lots of ppl have made it much further - but doing things in my own pace, focusing on different aspects of the game, keeps it funny for me:)

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Nice one answer you got there dude. Goodjob for helping him

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I’m also a year old wizard player here , and still solo farm in floor 500+ - 600+. I’m in legend Ascension . Farming 4-6 stashes of eternal and crystalline gears. Very ascension. From 2-4th . Just got reach top3% in mythical league and stuck at there which is my big problem. @CuzegSpike . Bro I know you can help us with a better build. I’m a CV poison Equiv-Harmony build type . Thanks ! Cuzeg best in Build Making

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And one last. I’m only having 50k-70k atk and 53k hp,mp . (My PvP stats) 35-50k atk and 82k hp in campaign with bloodmagic. ( PvE ) ive die rarely in floor 600+ but die 1-3x in purple enemy.

sir i want to join your Discord group but i cant join because it said that my internet is slow,… i need your help to build my arena build… this is the first time to enter in arena and i dont know what i have going to do… sorry for my english…

Ok you successfully joined and congrats. Anyway I’ll help you.

Also congrats on eternal league day 1 arena.

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