Wizard build

Hey starting to play my wizard he’s lv 87 ways a good build besides minions ownin everything. Its gettn old n its laggy now with new update. Just wondering which talents n mh/oh combos r fun n effective. Thx

Hmm try Livid’s Wand + Bracer + Mana Shield (no blood magic) + Cooldown Reduction.

Infinite Storms = dead stuff.

What kind of device do you have Reynin?

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A galaxy s3. Also any decent builds around a sword or staff?

Hmmm Staff’s only worth it if you have very decent AoE items + magnify, and even then the AoE is too centric on the nearest enemy. It’s really hard to effectively damage large chains of creatures with a Staff.

Sword on the other hand, pierces and has Extra Bolts – and its special does a good chunk of damage. If you’ve no access to Legendary Items, a well-made sword + damage stats + cooldown reduction should allow you to beat up creatures pretty fast.

(Why I like Mana Shield + other weapons: you can stack MP, use the special (which increases damage) then wear an Empower amulet with no fear. Requires about +15000 MP to use safely, though :frowning:)

I have a galaxy s 3 here at the office that I use pretty frequently for testing. Are you seeing lots of lag in general or just when fighting large mobs?

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