Wizard Class?

Hey guys, mind If I ask if wizard is an unsuggested class? It seems to die very quickly. I am at floor 160 and I almost can’t get pass these floors. What are the latest and updated builds for wizards to get strong? Like where to spend hero skill points, and what stats to build, what items to find and what are the talents to be aware of. Can anyone help me? I haven’t reached the Eternal items yet, maybe some legend suggestions I could find? Thanks a lot for those who can help!

Cheers also to DQ for being an awesome game!

Wizards is actually one of the tankier chars. You just need to learn what affixes to use with it. Bloodmagic is very good as it converts your MP into HP.

You can maybe try to look at the guides section. Since the forum moved, I do not know how many were successfully transfered.

Oh really? Since the one I saw in this forum are like a year ago and the guides are not effective as today I guess. Thanks mate

If u want hiking build for wizard, i can try using greengarden build. i forgot to change it topic tho. currently that build guide in general discussion. that build can handle m3 without die and can take direct damage at max floor 650. upper than that floor u will die sometime. but regardless of floor the damage of that build can kill monster in instant IF u know how to setup on your kill spree tho.

Can you help me sir? I am still at floor 190 though. :slight_smile:

check it on genaral discussion. look on thread name GreenGarden build revealed. i give some explaination how that build work.it cost 3 rare lagend, and alot crystal to get it right. but yeah it worth as the damage output.

Is it not outdated yet?

lol i posted it after official 2.0 patch released. u can look the date posted tho

I saw your post but It didn’t help, you just said you have green garden build you didn’t say any tips at all.

the tips is it calculation thing lol. if u understand that build theme and main source of damage u will understand overall the counting thing.

Where exactly mate? can you give a link?

Nevermind i found it, thanks a lot mate.

Check this guide out. It will surely help you in nooby days as a wizard. You dont need to copy all affixes but most of them .