Wizard Crushing Skulls Build for the extremely lazy

Alright my dudes I created a very easy to acquire crushing flames build that autoattacks any floor you choose. All you gotta do is pop skullshield, and either zip around with knightscharge or take a slow stroll and let your skulls do all the work.


3x Crushing Flames: with that set bonus and all the stacked fire damage youll be burning your enemies to a crisp in no time.

Adventurer: the staple set affix for ANY build, needs no explanation.

Demonic: KEY POINT here: when the enemies health gets low, crusing flames is going to do less damage. Having demonic will fix that

Epiphany: used for raising cap on all key affixes

Angelic: used to increase APS for MH primary and skullshield.

OTHER POINTS: just cap skullshield, theres no resource system to worry about since its mostly auto attack, stack as much immolate and fire damage as you can, one instance of glasscannon and push the limit should get you high enough base damage to kill bosses.

You dont need deadly strike crystal affix, replace it with another crushing blow or attack speed, was too lazy to remake the amulet.

Hope u guys enjoy, this is for when you wanna climb those high floors but dont give a f about trying


Personnaly I use ballista set on all my attack speed based builds.

Yeah totally ballista is a great replacement for angelic.

Why adventurer? I never used it

Adventurer is good because more movement speed increases survivability, if you are using momentum set affix it also gives a huge damage boost. Its main use is the movement speed, in higher pack size maps if you have a bunch of furries that rain down on you, the skulls will auto target them because they are the closest enemy to you. Being able to dodge meteors is an essential part of climbing higher floors. In my opinion its one of the best set affixes.

Ballista only works on Thrown Weapon Skills, Skullshield not included.

not sure if Angelic affects Skullshields attack Frequency. if it’s Cool Down is 1 second or better, then it would get the +25% DMG, but not sure the APS would be affected, because that would mean holding down the button, and that lowers the effectiveness of Skullshield, since it is supposed to be turned on and then ignored until you go to the next map or you take tons of DMG.

only downside to Adventurer is when there is no more Gold on the ground and your Gold Pick Up Indicator goes away. if all monsters are dead by then, then no worries!

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Angelic is mainly for spamming barrage against bosses, but you can put anything really, masochism, defiant, momentum,cosmic power, aetherial drain, pleny of options.


I’d replace epic weapon damage with 5000 fire damage.

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Also if you find a fire immune monster an elements pet may help :sunglasses:

Ive changed this build a lot since then

a Build like this would keep the +WD on the Skull, since the Legend %ED increases the +WD, but not the +ED.

builds that don’t have Legend Elemental DMG% would use Epic +ED for a little extra DMG. a Build with 2 Legend ED% would make the +WD do the same DMG as three +ED.

I changed it, works a lot better now


nice, hope you get a lot of the loot you need for all of your Build ideas.

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You cannot be that lazy if you have found the crushing flames set :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I just posted the rogue version of the build, lemme know what you think.

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Elements pet would help. It changes the elemental nature of your attacks. I farmed r mythic 3 1500 ish. Nothing worse than fire immune monsters. Also there’s a mythic word that changes your attack to the monsters weakest defence. It’s called Effective.

Elements Set gives a chance to cast your Spell a second time with a different Element. it doesn’t change the Element of the Spells you cast.

one of my goals is to test the Elements Set, to see just how much it differs in it’s mechanics from Prismatic.

Effective is a good Mythic for early and mid game Builds. it basically takes away monsters Elemental Resistance and makes all monsters weak against all of your attacks, even Arcane, for a +25% DMG. it’s only weakness is monsters with Greatly Resist Element or Immune to Element. mid to late game Builds can use DMG boosters that do more than +25% DMG, so if you have the space for it, then use it, but if not, there are better ways to do more DMG.

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