Wizard for noobs

I’m only lvl 25 and I’ve been using all poison stuff when I can get it, and the wand that does storm, then an orb to telephoto. I just spam the teleport and when I have a chance use the storm and it works pretty good, and I go through the maps on mythic 3 pretty easy, but when there is a boss with high health I sit there for 10 minutes and I don’t even dent his health. Is meteor better than storm?? Is there stuff I’m missing? I’m still confused by alot of stuff. Any tips? Thank you!

Everything is good wether you’re using Meteor or Orb it 's goat with the right set-up (Tips: If you’re using meteor pair it with AFTHERMATH Set, If you prefer Orb use REACTOR) and before I forgot, If you’re fond of using Poison as your element make sure you have PLAGUED (You can also add DRUIDIC that makes better combo)
About that Boss you’ve encountered maybe it’s because it has high resistance to the element you’re using or maybe IMMUNE to that particularly so make sure you have IGNORE RESIST on your gear or you can use another element that is contrast to his resistance (for ex: Enemy is immune or resistant with POISON you can use SHOCK elementt in order to defeat him)

Spoils the flow of farming when they’re immune, I’ve even had it happen with entire maps and having Ignore Resist affix equipped. Thought it might be due to the map’s element being the same as mine on my weapon. roar :disappointed_relieved:

What about storm? What legends su old I use for that? Also what’s a good way to get gold? And for my stats should I just do mana? Or a balance between power, mana and health? Thank you.

1.Storm. You can get that special skill through the amber crystal or by wand/ storm proc on gear. If it is eternal item though, it’s impossible to amber the special skill into storm.
2. Good way to get gold is try packsize maps and repeatedly do them. Use larimar until packsize appears. If it has magic enemies % or rare enemies %, that’s even better. This is optional but a good method to get gold. Apart from that, you will need to get the highest gold find possible at your situation
I recommend getting 650% gold find max with 200% gold find from fortunate acension perk. With epiphany if you manage to get them one day at floor 600, you can aim for 812% gold find +200% fortunate. Obviously, make sure item drops are at max. Get the item drops to 200% (300% with hirling). With epiphany, you can have 350% item drops as cap but don’t worry about that step for now.
3. About stats: it depends on your build type.
If your build os pure dps and only survival needed was block, dodge, avoiding stuff or even permastealth, invest all 294 skill points into power because the mana may be taken care of by energy/fury mythic so that’s not a worry.

If however, you had pure dps build but needed some mana, a good balance betwren high power and some mana.
For a high hp build, no brainer is just invest huge amounts of stat points into hp and sometimes a balance between hp/power.
It does really depend on how your build works but this is just a general guide on how you could spend stat points.

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I’m only lvl 38 and I only have like 10 legend items, so I won’t be able to dot eh Fortuna set thing, or the amber crystal. I’ll just keep going through the campaign. Also, where do you get those trophy things? Alot of people I go against have that along with their pet.

Battle Arena is where you get trophies. You obtain chests as rewards for winning matches, and they will occasionally contain a trophy. Their affixes only aid in arena, as well.

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Your tactics seem good.You like to play Zeus while on my old wizard I liked to play Zeus and spam twister,gauntlet and teleport.
Oh and in my personal opinion (I didnt read the other replies because I am too lazy) meteor is better that storm.I don’t like both because I prefer the gauntlet but when I have to choose,the meteor can be more effective in battle.

@Duck actually u can change the skill of ur gauntlet to storm or meteor or any other primary skill of other class by using amber crystal

@roykiyoy Yeah,I saw my brother show me that.

@Duck ya better ask your brother bout things like that his pretty knowledgeable about this game

@rykiyoy I would,but he’s at Whales for the Summer Holidays.
I’m surprised he didn’t make a post saying that he’s on Hiatus.
He’ll be back in 3 weeks.