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How do i get a more damage type equipment for wizard at floor 500+

Get more block%, dodge, move speed, damage(adventurer set affix), santuary and you Will by just fine.

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Hmm, weapon damage and elemental damage are the starting points to building your dmg. Both of which can not be crafted onto gear at the legendary level+, so you will want to find good solid legends already imbued with those affixes.

From there is many methods to build upon that dmg, depending on your choices and preferences, but without detailing elements, element effects, or sets, some other good things to look at are crit, crit dmg etc.

And dont forget to capitolize on the crystal affixes rolling in at 3x the max value.

Im sure others can give you more details on the rest. Enjoy.

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My build may give you some insight :smiley:


Also 100%+ weaken. 90% weaken is enough but adding that extra 30% weaken also helps. At 90%, weaken will trigger 90% of the time but at 100%+ weaken, it triggers 100% of the time.

Effective mythic makes sure your element attack is always effective aka enemy element weakness.

It seems like the negative resist theory is true after testing to find out.

I found that at -120%+ weaken, my damage exactly doubled. Well actually by ×2.2 on enemies with no resist or weakness to an element or immune. Exactly doubled is at 100% weaken.

This is because the nominal damage 1 becomes 1+1.2= 2.2x factor DMG. Why? Enemy from 0% resist becomes -120% resist which means they suffer 120% more DMG. I have tested throughout and thoroughly and the damage number results were correct. I noticed that when I put ignore resist afterwards, I noticed my damage going down to the normal DMG. I dealt 6 million DMG ignore resist and 12 million on 120% weaken as I’ve noticed. Well 6 million ×2.2 rather .

Of course if enemy resists your DMG without weaken, you lose your DMG by a certain %. If enemy resists your element, typically they reduce 25% of your full DMG. 25% damage Reduction to said element per say.

If enemy was already weak to an element, they already suffer -25% resist or take 25% more DMG . This is 1.25x DMG factor. Enemy has -25% resist on effective without weaken because 0%-25%= -25% resistance or takes 25% more DMG.
However with 120% weaken + Effective , -25%-120%= -145% resist or the enemy takes 145% more DMG or ×2.45 DMG. This means 6 million ×2.45 damage as I’ve noticed every time.

If enemy had resisted an element , typically they reduce your damage by 25% or your nominal damage is 0.75. However if you have 120% weaken , that is 25%-120%= -95% resit or 95% more DMG! Your damage becomes ×1.95 nominal instead of ×1.

With greatly resist, they reduce the elements DMG by 75% so that you only deal 25% of the original elements DMG or factor nominal number 0.25. That’s basically 75% DMG Reduction .
However with 120% weaken, that’s 75%-120%= -45% resist or they suffer 45% more DMG. Aka ×1.45 nominal DMG. This is worst case scenario here.

Immune enemies stop becoming immune to said elements DMG so that means with 120% weaken, 100%-120%= -20% resist or ×1.20 more DMG . Acts similarly to effective in DMG.

Obviously I can add more weaken , especially as safeguard for enemy maps that say increased enemy resist up to 50%. Theres also ascendant affix to add a guaranteed 62.5% reduce resists to enemies which is a bit like 62.5% weaken but it only works if enemy is arcane debuffed by arcane attack. Hirling + wrath or Iceburn is one way to utilise this though.

Then for rogue, there’s noxious talent to help with weaken and smoke bombs .

On dots, the weaken buffing DMG by double is much more in the dot form and every frozen explosion of plagued poison cloud. The weaken at 100%+ would double any and every damage basically. At 200% weaken, you deal almost triple your normal DMG.

The maximum you could theoretically get is 200% weaken, 250% with Epiphany. Ascendant adds 62.5% reduce resists. Noxious adds 20% reduce resist for rogue or so. Effective makes sure you gain 25% reduce resist on enemy.
If 250% weaken + ascendant, you’d end up reducing enemy resist by 312.5% . This translates to 0-312.5%= -312.5% resist or ×4.125 more DMG. This would cost many slots to achieve however but that’s the maximum theoretically. 200% weaken means enemies have -200% resist or ×3 your DMG which means enemies suffer 200% more DMG.

I also learnt of the Midlumer Ignore resist Vs Weaken guide and my own testing.

Yep: after having a look at Midlumer guide over and over again, his calculation matches to mine in some aspect but instead of showing -% resist, he does the other methods of math but it’s still correct.


Are your calculations matching with midlumer’s guide?

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Yep. Turns out it does! I happened to do it differently to how Midlumer did it but it still matched.

This is what it matches:

This however is different to the negative resists -% or the 1+1.9= ×1.9 with 90% weaken example.

These formulas you will see below are the averages and the damage based upon chance rather than the actual damage on the actual enemy. Probability basically helped. This is basically his estimated average DMG based on the probability but it’s not the exact damage as 1+1.9 from 90% weaken.

1+1.9 from 90% weaken in Midlumer guide is the same as 0-90%= -90% resist as I’ve discovered and my actual damage difference.

I know they’re average, but your spike calculated damage must be same one as his.

Tbh I ignores the averages and just looked at the section where it showed the 1+1.9 = 2.9 for eg and the other use cases and then tested to see if they were true and just to make sure. I knew they were true but I wanted to double check.

It turned out they were true . It also turned out to match my idea of the negative resists theory and that theory I came up with for why enemies end up making you deal double DMG at 100% weaken or so. Or however much DMG at however much weaken or reduce resists.

Midlumer case with 90% weaken being 1+0.9= ×1.9 (not 2.9, my bad lol) was basically the same as 0-90%= -90% and turns out I was right. Seems like my hypothesis turned true after truly testing.

Of course 100% weaken is much easier to test because it activates 100% of the time.

I still just know it is the same as Midlumer calculation. My reason why I thought it was negative resist was based in Midlumer results.

I blame weaken’s description for all this messy, cause they talk about reducing resist (minus), but on calcs you need to sum weaken, so it is like: “wtf?”. Still if we think about weaken as minus, it’s okay while you have values less than 100%, cause after it you will get negative resists, another “wtf?”

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Ikr. I was confused by weaken all the time tbh. When they say reducing resists, they don’t actually mean player resist on enemies since enemies resist works way different than player resist and works in the fixed % . The weakness enemies always increase DMG by 25% of the element they weak to. Resist enemies always reduce DMG by 25% and I figured that out with the greatly resist definition in codex telling you that it reduces your DMG to 25% which means 75% resist. Immune would essentially be 100% resist.

But if I can deal just double damage when 100% weaken, it did feel confusing because it wouldn’t be how player resists work and it just seems that the -% works like I theorised. -100% meaning enemies exposed to ×2 damage ofc. No wonder my 6M damage got to 12M and such every time and when I put ignore resist, it got back to the normal 6M DMG.

Still I do agree with weaken description being confusing. Enemy resist really just means set in stone damage Reduction to the element they resisting as I’ve discovered a lot of the time.

When weaken reduces enemies to minus resists, that even includes 30% resist, 60% resist or so on. Though lower than 100%, it based on % chance . 60% weaken would have been -60% to the enemy resist so normal enemies end up ×1.6 more DMG but the other enemies would be less . 60% chance though.
60% chance to weaken was the old cap of weaken at one point but nobody used weaken because ignore resist was used alot but that was only because of the % chance factor but it was decently good when combined with things like ascendant. Having 90% crystal affix weaken did change everything though when cap raised to 200%. Epiphany on 60% weaken old cap would have been 75% but even then…

Pretty much reduce resists meaning -% current enemy resist . I thought weaken was Multiplicative but it turned out it was additive but it subtracts the enemy resist % from 0% or 25% to -% values and the enemies that are already weak to element are in -25% value or Effective .
Well at least im glad my tests show weaken doubles DMG at 100% and Midlumer guide also. I know people used weaken before then but not everyone knew as much .

Thanks everyone. Really helpful ill get to it😁


You’re welcome :thumbsup: :smile_cat: :slight_smile: .

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