Wizard Minion Stat Questions

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I have some questions about Minion stats

How is the minion’s base damage calculated, is it just a percentage of the respective weapon, either MH or OH depending on which minion?

How are the minion’s HP and defenses worked out, I believe 25% of Regen applies but what about block and dodge and other stats?

Do set bonuses or mythics apply to minions?

Can minions apply shock/bleed/stun/etc.?

Does Timewarp affect minion projectiles?

I believe that for such low investment enabling minions to spawn could be a good use of the affix slots compared to other stats considering there are a few options to spawn minions for Wizards.

Thanks for your time and feedback!

Well i know there are mythics specificly aimed at spirit mancers.

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Golem Summons @dickwad :mage: :magic_wand: :man_mage: :ghost::ghost::ghost: this guy might have better answers than I do, as he has done some good work and testing of Summons Builds.

  1. minions summoned from the Tome do OH damage. Fury & Appocalypse Mythic do MH damage. the Summons from the Neck Item Talent I’m not sure, I think they do OH damage.
  2. not sure about Block & Dodge, but Armor, All Resist, and Health are the same as the caster.
  3. depends on Bonus and Mythic descriptions.
  4. yes.
  5. yes. dickwad uses them with his minions in PVP.

I myself find crafting a Minion Wizard kind of frustrating. on the other hand, I want to eventually make a decent minion Wizard just to say I could, and because I kind of want to see them in action.

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Thanks for the welcome mate!

Cheers for the reply also, very nice answers.

Would you say it’s harder to scale the damage or defense of minions? What is frustrating for you about minion builds

Interesting about the HP and resists I didn’t think it would be the same as the player, makes me wonder if I should use Faun’s Gift/Satyr’s Spirit for minion build :thinking:

I farmed with Warrior+Wizard for 6th ascension and now want to make a good build for Wizard because Warrior has nice stuff, hopefully hybrid minion/spell caster because the AI will spam them all :laughing:

to be honest, my goal for a Wizard Minion Build is to make enemy seeking & exploding minions, like maybe something out of a zombie movie, where the zombies attack and then explode into hideous clouds of disease infecting all those around them. I just haven’t really worked on it much. I had other DQ Build Ideas and goals to work on.

my Wizard Builds are mostly Elementalist types. dickwad is the guy who’s done a lot of research on minion builds. you should do a Search :mag: with his name and minions to find some good info.

haha, Warrior is the Class I know least about, as I thought it was kind of a weak Class for my play style compared to Rogue & Wizard. I just finished Ascending a Rogue & Warrior Team and am now Farming for stuff to make lots of builds for my Rogue & Warrior, and some changes for the Wizard.

Thanks I will search through for his stuff,

That actually sounds pretty cool, I guess that’s what sadism is used for. Usually I like to keep my minions alive but what you describe makes me want to try out kamikaze minions :laughing:

I tried all 3 classes and stuck with Warrior just for the taunt skill, this decision was made before I discovered Amber :upside_down_face:

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My firat run of the game was with a warrior but i ended up favoring the wizard because i favor the wizard related skills and like to be able to use my hero points to upgrade those abilities. Ive never found much use for rouge though.

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I liked Rogue & Wizard, and thought Warrior sucked. but now I see potential in some Warrior Builds that I’ve thought of. I started with Rogue, and went to Wizard. now I’m getting ready to do some Warrior & Rogue Builds, and I really want to try a high ED% Wizard Build using Astral Talent.

I think I’ve usually steered towards melee in RPGs I’ve played so makes sense for me to stick it out with Warrior.

I use Twister as well now anyway so it feels like the only difference at this point is the skill and talent points, plus looks of course :sunglasses:

I reckon I will use my rogue for PvP, when I come to make it I imagine I will be heavily inspired by strawberry fields hence the original topic of this post :wink:

Im curently working on two builds. One i call the flame cloak build and the other the lasernado, the flame cloak one i intend to be a floor clearer inspired off of skyrims flame cloak spell where you balsicly deal insane damage just by simply being in my relitive proximity.

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Sounds like with some pickup radius it would be a really smooth build to farm with!

What affixes or skills are you using to recreate a flame cloak effect? I can’t think of anything that does that but would love to see it

Its not done yet but im thinking i will use skull sheild at a maxed out value, im hopeing wrath, crushing flames, inferno, the flame pet, and the cyclone mythic with a stupidly high proc value and storm. Its still in the works but since skull sheild seems very afective any ways im considering giveing it knights charge for extra movment to clear floors faster and throwing on adventurer and momentum. Either would work highly efectively with the build.

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Ahh of course, skullshield!

That’s something I love about these games, you can roll with whatever idea you want and get something viable to clear with

Sounds like a fun build, good luck making it and hopefully it gets you much loot!

Minions can apply shock, stun etc. Hp regen applies to minions. So does any critical affix ( eg deadly strike ). Set bonuses may apply to minions (eg permafrost) . As for block and dodge i have no data. So probably not.

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Having said that , when ive had up to 12 summons in a game… :thinking:

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Thank you very much for your clarification,

I wasn’t sure with things like permafrost, the minions don’t even show a mana bar :joy:

It would be interesting to test block and dodge. They should have at least 10% default dodge like players do perhaps :thinking:

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