Wizard pvp 3.0 skullshield type

Today am finally get demonic aura. And on this occasion i give my build.
special skill scalp
Nature all elemental
Stat point all power
Still unfinished, need beter pet and amulet. This is my first post don’t judge hard. Sorry for bad english.
Battle strategy:
Trophy, skullshield, move around the enemy with charge and spam skalp.


Same sets as I have in my battle mage war. How much hp/power do you have? I wonder if you are over the hp% cap for pvp.


that build is easily kill in div 1, you must improve it try to check na scaling system in arena, you can have 500k hp with 1000+ with enough defence affix

Actually it’s quite fine. Just improvement on damage Reduction and dmg. No need 1M HP or anything crazy like that.

Never saw this post, it’s a good one for anyone willing a build for wiz on PVP. With few changes this one can become the standard build everyone used on div 1 sometime ago:

  • Mutiny for Masochist’s Edge (Let barbarian on craft)
  • Let Insolence have Defiant
  • Head for Masochist’s Helm (Let barbarian on craft)
  • Fury ~> Alchemy
  • Hero Mythstone ~> +5000 ED+
  • Poison DMG% is horrible on PVP, change to Perseverance.
  • Multi Attack hasn’t too much sense here. You may consider something else you want.

you forgot the nature :blush:

When I’m using Faun’s Gifts I run 6 “of Luck”


thats the correct nature in that build :grin: not elements