Wizard question

Does any1 know 100% glasscanon and empower talent( the one -50hp +50max dmg) stack?

Or its not worth having empower if i already have 100% glasscanon?

Yes. Empower and glasscannon stacks.

Worth it, i guess. You have no more health to lose from empower.

Manashield for def?

50% Glasscannon and 50% empower == 100%. It’s actually 75% HP cut but in return, power is increased by 50% and Glasscannon gives 50% more DMG.

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So, what u are telling is, that i should remove 1x Glasscanon?

Well usually it’s best to use 1 Glasscannon and instead of a second glasscannon, use affixes like Push the Limit from legend drops or Barbarian from legend drops.

Also double strike, damage to elites or execute DMG or resource Mythics.

If you will use it in farming you can use 2 Glasscannons + Empower =150% DMG in return you may only have 1HP, BUT many can survive with that… Just do some calculations and experimintations with matching wizardination.

My farming build uses 2 GlassCannons 2 Push the Limit and 1 Barbarian . I only have 1HP but i can go to 2k+ Floors. Just put Pathfinder Set Affix (Dodge=Inc DMG)+ Dodge Crystal Affix (30%) and + 20 Dexterity Hero Points = 50% Dodge add with Stealth Legend (1pc) Affix and Vanish Mythic (Enemy Blind)

i Have 2x Glasscanon 1x Empower and 1x Push The Limit