Wizard Rogue or Warrior

So I’m pretty new to this game and I have all three characters my highest is my warrior at level 58. I keep switching from my warrior to my rogue and now I’m giving my wizard another chance lol… I just need some help deciding I’m only on floor 82 what do you guys thing would be the best for me?

I like rogue a lot

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Rogue or warrior, the problem of wizzard is it can easily die, alot…but with a proper build it can be your favorite :smile:

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Yeah I found out the wizard does die a lot what would you recommend me doing less power ? My power is like 100 something and 5 mp and health should I do a little health or use my hero points for more health ?

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Same here !

Hmm I really don’t know, im not a pro but I suggest u add 2 in healt and 1 in mana, because mage has already high dps…but that’s my only opinion XD

Lol me either I’ll see what happens I’m liking my rogue but my wizard has a lot of options too idk if I like staff better or the wand or the hands lol

I personally like wizards but I guess it’s underpowered here? But it’s ur life haha…the final choice is ur, but to me I’m using warrior now

Hahahaha i think rogue is stonger than all class because rogue has stronger ar and dps on items

Close Reason: Necropost