Wizard skull build


This is my first post and i dont mean to offence other build and other perspective. This build is designed to you that wanna farming with extreme lazyness to push the attack button. And also has a great damage output.

Oke guys, you already know about skullshield skill. Right? But have yu ever imagine that skullshield might become the fastest and most efficient skill ??? Yes it does! Let me explain why i said that.

Skull shield only need 1x cast to damaging mobs in many many times. Thats means you be able damaging while running without recasting skill.

Unlike Whirlwind blade or other classes aoe that deals massive dmg, but yu char still idle/stay for a persecond to casting it. And also yu have to recasting it to damaging mobs.

This is pict of my build(WRSS)

Note …
Tested at floor 500+ M3 (easy win)

All gears nature = elements.
All gears element = ice

Now your only have to run and avoid someting that comes to you. How about the mobs?? Disobey them! Thats your skull jobs to kill them all.

Pros : *kills mobs while you running. *The skull hits multidirection at same time
*fast killing against carto or upper level mobs ,ex mythic enemy.

Cons: *since only have 1 hp.a single shot makes you dead.
*need specifc gears to modify with crystals. Read codex first please!

Again… Always read codex before make a build. If possible aim and collect the gears that have special affixes

    Prioritize these affixes first!
  1. Has red colored 100 or below weapon dmg% affix.
  2. Has red coloured 100 or below element damage affix.
  3. Push the limit affix
  4. Barbarian affix
  5. Glasscannon affix.
    The rest is up to you.
    Thats it. Fin.done. Selesai.
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