Wizard Storm Farm Build for Below floor 800

I based this guide from the previous Fortune build. I’m so glad to finish this build after weeks of playing the game.

This build is for your main Wizard. Assuming that your hireling has Luck 812.5% and Item Drop 250%. You will be able to max your farming stats.


  • Max Farm
  • Good Damage and high Hit Frequency of Storm 40 hits 250m-500m crit
  • Good Clear Speed with one press everything dies because of huge Storm Aoe radius
  • Good Mobility from Adventure(5) And Dex(20) Mspd 47.5%, OH special skill replace shatter
  • Good Survivability Block 45% Dodge 50%(60% if add on pet)
  • Don’t need to build Hireling that much


  • Storm has high CD, but after casting and looting drops the CD is gone after you go out of Storm Aoe radius
  • Struggle starts at flr 750 and visible at flr 775 especially high hp mobs like ogre, skeleton, etc. Epic dies 1-5secs, while Legend/Mythic 5-10secs


  • Best farming gold and dust spot is on Pack flr 200. Netting me 2.5m-5m gold and 1-15 legend gears per run.
  • Please help yourself with 5.0 Pickup Radius Affix, saves alot of frusration.
  • For farming flr 300 below. Keep a reserve OH weapon with 7500 HP instead of glasscanon. Then switch Empower talent to Fester.
  • If you want faster leveling speed, replace Blight with Exp mythstone (which should I have done in the first place, saving me rubies)
  • For flr 800 above. Just adjust your chest, amulet, pet equips. Currently using brutal/rage chest, deadly strike 30% amulet and Plague pet. Criting 600m-1m and 5b sometimes.

Hope it helps my fellow Wizard Storm lovers. And if somepne can help me improve the build please do. I’m halfway completing my green garden build, I’ll post it when I’m done.


Cool. A stitch would be perfect pet for your build.

Yeah, I just got it on flr 700+ luckily. But I will be using it for my green garden build so I’ll be using my common pets for farming. At best it should be a poison slime.

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Awesome! And simba is my suggested pet for that.

The attack of your immortal wand is to low. The rest is ok for that build.

how did you get all max stats on gear ? i have not get all max stats using diamonds …is there good way to get them ?

I dont think i can increase it more than that.

Its crucial to farm LOTs of crystal and multiple gears.

  1. Max Level of gear
  2. Max Quality of gear
  3. Max Affix you want with reroll with affix unobtainable from rubies eg. ED%, Push the Limit, Barbarian
  4. Use Obsidian, and pray it maxes the affix value. If your lucky 1 out of 3 gears will have the perfect and max affix you want.
  5. Put Mythics if you want.
  6. Put Rubies, and pray again if you want the perfect max value. Sometimes it took me 5-15 rubies just to get 1 perfect affix.

Are the gear legend or eternal??

I would add 100% Weaken. This will literally double your DMG by ×2 . Thank me later. Remove ignore resist however if you do and maybe sacrifice something. Although this should be ok.

All are legendary. Eternals have FIX affixes except for socketables.

Yeah I did have Weaken 90% Wand and Nadroji Amulet. But the dmg is enough to burst mobs below flr 750. Maybe with Weaken its possible to go above 800 easily as long as i sacrifice block or gold find.

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what I did, since I did my crafting the hard way, was use diamond to perfect the crystal affix, and hope that the legend affixes were perfect rolled with the crystal. 25% quality is a must, makes it easier. when those are done, if any epic affixes are not perfect yet, use that crystal that rolls only one affix at a time. uses up a lot of crystals, but worth it to see max numbers on my affixes, especially the crystal ones!

Thats a lot of crystal crafting for below flior 800 :confused:

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I did have my not so perfect farm build before I made this. With the same affix and crystal rolls but not on max values. Which cost me few 30+ rubies and 10+ obsidians.

Then I made this build which cost me 100+ rubies due to bad luck. And around 30+ obsidians. Its not bad then i finished it. Was able to gain few perfect rolls of weaken wand, deadly strikes, and block.

my first 3 crystal rolls were perfect, then I did a fourth crystal affix. not perfect. so sad. took awhile to fix it. that was when I went crazy looking for emeralds to max quality. thinking of the new farm build after my first one has finished serving me faithfully is giving me a headache.

But its really worth it :slight_smile:

Try to convert your Peridots to Emeralds. Since your barely using it in the first place. I got like 1500+ Peridots and 250+ Emeralds for using it always. I’ll do it when I need it.

yes, that’s what I ended up doing. my Ascension build has all quality maxed out. I am so close to sixth perk, that I just might wait until I get it before I do any more crafting on it. then I will have 6 more slots to work with when I take out the Quest stones.
I think for the post, anything that improves the DPS and Storm skill is good. I am still at the stage of learning to compromise the affixes I need versus the affixes I want.

You can craft more immortal wands each wand has different dps/dmg on craft. i craft a aether spark and it have 20k after another with 23k. it a lottery on these dps/dmg.