Wizard Storm Green Garden and Mayhem Full Support Debuff Build 3.0, and Rogue Hireling Permfrost/Frozen Build

Wizard Storm Green Garden Build (on the right side)
My second build finally done. Standard build for new players.


  • Very High Damage: Due to Storm 40 high hit frequency; x4 Poison DoT dmg Common Crits 300m-5b, Rare Crits 5b-30b, Spike Crits 30b-250b,
  • High Survivability: Dodge 60%, Block 45%, Mspd 48%, Shatter
  • Can solo very well on high floors (no problems at flr 1300+)

Wizard Mayhem Full Support Debuff Build (on the left side)
My third build, which I had fun building and playing. This build was made so that no matter how high the floor you are on, its still viable to use.


  • Very High Damage: Multiple skill procs with high hit frequency (Twister, Orb, Storm, Torrent); High DoT duration and speed (Inferno 5 and Fester 40); Crushing Flames/Crushing blow 70% dmg mob till 1% Hp (Normal/Rare Mob 1sec, Epic 1-3sec, Legend 3-5sec, Mythic 5-10sec)
  • Very High Survivability: Dodge 75%, Block 75%, Mspd 48%, Vanish, Sanctuary, Stealth Proc, Smoke Bomb Proc, Blinkstrike MH skill, Manashield OH skill no cast delay (havent died using this build)
  • Very High Support: Weaken 250%, Cyclone lure, Mayhem stun
  • Very Low Killing Ability: Cant solo very well
  • Best paired to Hireling with Electrocution/ Demonic/ Relentless/ Frozen

Rogue Solo/Hireling Permafrost/ Frozen Build

Goes well with the Mayhem Full Support. Its fun going gunz blazing, but it felt lackluster for me. Maybe Im really meant for Wizard class.


  • Very High Damage: Crit dmg 437.5%, Deadly Strike 70%, MA+4/EAC+4, Spike dmg went 500b (w/o Weaken when I solo’ed it at flr 1200)
  • Low Survivability
  • Bad AI, needs regular coat weapon,
  • Suggestion: Replace 1 Frostbiting with Elemental Critical 30%; Switch 1 Deadly Strike 30% to Reduce CD 45% for permanent Stealth and Mirrorimage
  • Best plaired with Main

Please comment on what I can improve. Feel free to use and modify the build according to your preference.

My thumbs are aching from overplaying xD
I’ll take a break for now. Thank you :slight_smile:


How long does it take for a newbie to produce this set may i ask ?

Looks beautiful btw thank you for your hard work :slight_smile:

pets will take a very very long time, and since half of the items have mythics, they will take a while for a novice to collect and the crystals arn’t cheap here either… nice build by the way… ill look through it properly shortly O:)

For this 2 bad boys, around 2 weeks i guess? It sould take 1 if it was not so perfect. Got alot of bad rolls and almost rage from it. The full debuff build was easier cuz as long as you got the right cyan affix you can easily reroll it with diamonds. But its still prefered to build a full farm build, which made my life alot easier. Took me around 2 weeks of farming and flr clearing.

Yes, the pets was one factor of the build. It doesnt really feel right when you miss that right set affix. I just finish writing up my next build which is a Shock Mayhem full dps to pair with my full support build. But still no good pets to actually start building it. Now my stock of crystals is slowly rising up :slight_smile:


Hi there. Im just wondering what stat points and heroic level points you used on these builds?

Just a little off-topic here, but im new to these forums and notice none of the guides actually show stat or heroic point placement? Is it just some kind of generic meta going on where all builds or classes use the same stat/heroic placements?

I went full dmg stat on both build.

Green garden: Storm20(40), Str19, Dex20, Int20, Fortune20

Mayhem: Twister20, Orb19., Storm20, Dex20, Fortune20

Most build go for full dmg stat. As for heroics it depends on that item build it is compatible for. Like the Green Garden build with max str/int to atleast pump abit more of regen which push my total regen close to 16k, putting to other skills aside from Storm which is my prefered skill makes it useless. If you go with Aftermath build, people max Meteor and Shatter to maximize it. As for the Mayhem Build, Orb/Storm/Twister procs it close to 70% chance of triggering so I maxed its skills to provide maximum dmg and hit frequency.

As for generic go max dmg stat and fortune20/dex20. Fortune20 when your new really helps alot in the early game.

Oh i see! Thanks very much for the quick detailed reply :).

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