Wizard summon/minion questions

I’ve been creating my own summoner build recently that focuses on crushing flames. I thought that since i can summon a maximum of 9 summons (including the fury procs) with decent attack speed, maybe crushing flames might work great with it; and much to my surprise, it did. Turns out summons are more versatile than i initially thought, my questions are:

1 will the nova mythic cause my minions attacks to explode aswell?
2 will the effective mythic work with crushing flames? Or (assuming the enemys weakness isnt fire) will it change its element first before it activates?
3 while looking around for builds in the forums, i noticed most, if not all, the builds posted had their stat points go all the way up to 299 while mine maxes out at 100+, how did they do that?
4 what other traits or affixes are passed down to my minions other than crushing flames and plague
( i did make a summon-plague hybrid build, it worked great with huge packed mobs but horrible with bosses. )

Edit: i tested out my weapon with crushing flames on and realized maybe the spike in damage might be from the elemental crit that goes with it aswell. So my last question is

5 will crushing flame pass down to my minion?

  1. in patch 3.0, stat points went from 299 to 103 max. although you get fewer points, the points are worth 3x, so you are getting the same benefit. this was done to make it easier when you respec your stat points. pushing 103 buttons is better than pushing 299 buttons.
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I have a question too how do you Survive? Do you have a panic button or crystal max dodge Block with sanctuary?

Thanks man, i gotta read up on those patch notes

Its a work in progress. Im planning to max both those stats out when i get enough crystal but until then my 2nd oh skills taunt is enough

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Crushing flames require emoliate to work. Treat your summons as crowd distracted. Max out talents in spiritmancer tree. Choose an highly destructive character offensive skill. Skullshield maxed to 40. Minions alone are not viable. But very good if backed up. If you get enough points in reclaim then you almost always summon skullshield regardless of equipped off hand weapon skills