Wizard torrent

How to make wizard torrent proc came from outside the pvp map directly to the target with range of the entire pvp map but no torrent proc is it a bonus or special skill?

I think it’s Cerebral Vortex Set affix. Everytime you hit him torrent will appear towards you :slight_smile:

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how do you know someone hasn’t torrent proc

torrent proc lands in a spot that might or might not be near you, and tend to spread apart a little bit. the CV set torrents show up spread out a little more than the proc/skill, and then move in towards a central point between the 3 torrents centered on the enemy that had hit the target with the CV set.

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Doesn’t living force effect torrent behaviour ?


he just didn’t know about CV, so…

I do not believe torrent is a ranged attack, so is unaffected by living force. it is more like twister than comet, for example. I think we need an update on what skills/mythic can be used with living force.
so far, I have used it with elemental crit - Orbit, Comet, Scalp, Pierce, and I think Throw Sword. living force gives some other skills that are considered ‘ranged’ attacks the ability to act like Chakrams. Orbit and Scalp act like Whirling Blades, and Comet and Pierce act like Boomerang. I think I read that Chakrams get the damage boost of Living Force on their return also. @luisfsk beat me with the answer.

I dont hace cerebral vortex set my build is elementalist hybrid but my wizard proc long-range torrent in pvp but very seldom it happens when i got 6kinds of proc. And only proc torrent when i face strong enemy but i dont have torrent proc but i have catalism ring i remove epic affix added legent affix earthshater and taunt then now my wiz proc torrent very seldom but if i face enemy with cerebral vortex set thy proc torrent regularly why?

ive got a cv shield knocking about somewhere. Will try it out. Thanks @golem

@goodlike10 in PVE, 1 proc maxes out at 25%. in PVP, the 25% gets lowered, so the procs happen less often. you could put more of the same proc, or Master Myth stone(s), but will never be as good as in PVE.
the Cerebral Vortex set says that when you get hit by an enemy, it will cast Torrent on that enemy. it isn’t a proc, but acts more like damage reflection. but it has a cool down, so if you get hit 5 times at once, the CV set only casts 1 Torrent to the enemy, then cools down, then casts another Torrent if you get hit again and are still alive by then.
I am getting better at dodging Torrents in the Arena. :laughing: :rolling_eyes:

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Thanks for the guide. Having cerebral vortex set is better. Than without it. But for me i dont have cerebral vortex set or even one peace or the set. But my wiz very seldom pro long-range torrent when i fight strong enemy in the pvp but i dont have even ordinary torrent proc equipment i dont have. It happens when I have completed 6kinds of procs using catalysm ring so thens 4 procs there in that ring then i remove epic affix rhen added legend affix i add earthshtter the i have cromic orb i remove shock damage replace it with taunt proc. Then at page 14 of character stats there says set 1 12/12 thats the time my wiz proc long-range torrent or even long-range earhshatter an earthshatter appears beneath the feet of the enemy in the pvp when they are stationary in one place casting skills without moving specially the AI character. While the main character trying to find ways to attack me in the pvp