How do i change the attack from the lunge attack to a ranged attack i have a orb and gauntlet equiped but keeps a lunged attack

What level are you? the range attack only unlocked at level 10 (if i remember correctly). also, gaunlets ranged attack is the twister (the tornado)

I got him first prestiege and lvl 50

check your Set Affixes (the Green ones).

Battle Mage changes your MH Skills to Charge and Whirlwind (Warrior Skills).
Scoundrel changes your MH Skills to Quick Attack and Blink Strike (Rogue Skills).
Spell Sword Changes your MH Skills to Comet and Meteor (Wizard Skills).

These Skills Can Not Be Changed!

you can use Kyanite to take the affix off and use Amethyst to put a different random Set Affix instead, or use an Item with a different Set Affix.

hope this helps.

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