Wizzard with skull skills

As my rogue crystal build is no longer valid ( deadly arts changes) I started play with wizard ( now 63lvl).
I have a lot of Legends items collected and would like to get feedback what are the good green sets settings for Wizard that fight with skullshield.
I never played wizard before ( i have warrior and had a crystal rogue at 99) .
The only set that comes to my mind is Blood magic but what could boost my damage and survivability?

If you’re going to play wizard, I think you should try Equality. It would fit wizard better :smile:

Both Pathfinder and Deadly Arts give more EHP at less resources than Equality. They can even be used with Bloodmagic which gives survivability and damage.

The problem is most wizard player spend their stat points on Mana to get bonus resist. It would be a waste if they run a Blood Magic build. IMO, Blood Magic would suit Warrior/Rogue better :wink:

depends… blood magic gives a good DMG boost. thats why imho it is important to make it a part of wiz’s set

When u r a Wizard and you boost your stat points on Mana points you will get a bonus resist… even if you use Blood Magic and convert all those MP to HP right?

@Ciemny - i recomend…

Blood Magic - HP boost and Dmg
Plauged - EHP/Survivability
Deadly Arts - With 1.8.1 Version i think its very helpful since it has a reduce DMG taken. Well aside from finishing the cooldown of all skill (sweet!)
Cosmic Power - Mana Regen (will be HP regen if u use Blood Magic) and Mana boost.
Golden Veins - this will help (Gold Find Affix) since the cost of the items on version 1.8.1 decreased DRAMATICALLY,but also on HP boost! :mrgreen:

For all the Pro Wizards there u can correct me if im wrong. :smile:

Mana points, as every mana related reference, becomes hp when bloodmagic is in use. At lvl 99, with bloodmagic, cosmic power, 24% hp affix and 11 points in intelligence, I have 60k hp.

Yes. It is one of the many reasons to NOT use Equality. The EHP boost is minimal compared to Bloodmagic which also gives DMG (and unlimited resources if you add any form of leech).

Thank you for information,
I’m playing DQ for about 3 years I don’t look at gold and CS/MS I have a lot of them.
I don’t want to build new crystal items i just want to have nice gear that will allow me to play and learn ( of course i will use some Elixir +2 set, +5 skills).
My crystal scareshooter rogue is not playable with new deadly arts ( too big coldowns) and require new items.
I will try to Max cosmic power, blood magic
Do spirit master and summoner have any impact on skullshield?
Maybe momentum and speed added?

I will try to Max cosmic power, blood magic[/quote]

Bad idea. You should never get more than 1 of each set unless it has an “exponential” growth like Pathfinder.

[quote=“Ciemny”]Do spirit master and summoner have any impact on skullshield?
Maybe momentum and speed added?[/quote]

  1. you mean SpiritMancer? yeah but mostly it boost the minion and command u summon.
    2)yeah why not. movement speed is good

well for my wizard

cosmic power
blood magic
and deadly arts

good or bad…just tell me thanks