WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Finally this update to the vstick came out!

Thanks @SteigerBox for implementing the v-stick option feature for players who wanted the old vstick back. I did kind of get used to the new v-stick but thanks for taking your time to implement this great feature. Now I can finally play old style and win more easily a d not die as easy. Most of the time I lost battle arena was because of the vstick being buggy and I died a lot in campaign too. I haven’t tested the feature just yet but I think its gonna be good.

How do i change the v stick to where it stays in place?

Aye I want to know the same thing

It’s in the options.

On Options Screen Choose “Controls”
On Controls Screen Choose “Floating V-Stick” for new V Stick
Choose “Fixed V-Stick” to use the always on screen V Stick

From Google Play

Am i missing something??

Are you up to date? It’s right there for me

Yeah 2.0.1 and is it bc im on ios?

Apple usually took longer than Google on reviewing App & Game. You might have to wait for a few more days :slight_smile:

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Few days more? Damn it… I dont understand those who use new float stick. Cant even explain why :stuck_out_tongue:

It screws me up and my char stops moving xD

Still no for OS users…

Please be patience. They are still reviewing. It’s coming soon.