Woot Eternal Fabled, Advice pls

Any thoughts???

I was thinking either rockblast or earthquake

I know rock blast is 500% per rock to come to 2000% but what’s the dmg of earthquake? @VicBot @cronos4321 @Emman

rockblast deal 200% weapon damage. and earthquake deal 300% weapon damage.

Thought rock blast was 500% per rock? If that’s the case as you stated then earthquake would be better yes?

Cosmic orb for life

Everything I had read about cosmic orb was saying it was junk after it was changed? @sonophilos

I don’t know how to begin to answer that question. Sorry bro.
@steigerbox @tdaniel want to clarify how the mythical weapon skills work here?

I used cosmicorb because its myplaystyle… Maybe 1 time we can face each other…

I got one recently too, and personally i was gonna put on something like alchemy or bloodmagic, something that changes the resource system but i havent tryed them all out, if you havent already i wouldnt usemyour mythstones on it until your build is perfected. At least thats what im doing :slight_smile:

Rockblast is really handy because it can stun (i read it was 100% but on arena it’s almost 50%) and push back ennemy. it has a great range
it throw 3 rocks on a row.

Downside, it can hit only one ennemy.