World Beautification Previews

Here’s a couple preview screenshots of the updated world environments that you’ll see next patch. We’re using techniques to not only improve how the world looks while keeping the same performance, but how props and enemies spawn as well. Enjoy! :smiley:

Act 1 - Floor 3

Act 3 - Floor 3

OMG, it’s so beautiful. Can’t wait to see it :smile:
Edit: can you post some screenshots of pet? :smiley:

You got it…

and this one!!

Sorry, those are a joke (much like my photoshop skills)…just having a little fun!
We don’t have our pets into a playable state yet but when we do we will post a pic or two!

Thank you VERY MUCH for your interest and for posting on our forum!!

Your photoshop skills are smashing :smiley:
I hope the game will still be running smooth.
Cuz the graphics are just awesome :astonished: but i dont want the game to lagg x)

It runs really well still and we are making changes to how the game works to make sure it performs even better! I will see if I can get some video of me trying out the latest build on a REALLY old phone (Nexus 1) and post it for you all to have a look at!

Looks like it’s gonna take a while until the pet system to be done :laughing:

A video of a monster packed run would be mega awesome. My galaxy s2 feels at least as old as the nexus 1 but i guess if it runs smooth on that i won’t have any problems :wink:

The nexus 1 was released on January 5th 2010…so almost four years ago. It still “runs” on that phone (which is android 2.1 btw) but there is slow down to be sure. I use that as my worst case test device since it is the oldest device we have and the first version of android (I think) to support OpenGles 2.0.

I also have an LG phone that is older and a samsung galaxy tab 10.1 (used to test large screen draws) that I use. The LG runs at about 20 to 25 fps and the Galaxy Tab runs at around 30 to 35 fps. I will see about getting some of those videos very soon.

That’s good for ppl who have an old phone like me :smiley: (galaxy ace with android 2.3^^)

im running on galaxy note 2
at the current patch i had issues with heating when left with 2 hours full session it overheats alot
not to mention the huge reduction of battery from 90 to 70ish yeah i put them on power saving mode…

may i suggest a performance optimization and game balance first before graphics
but i gotta say those graphics revamp is great and did i sense new legend arts?

We’re doing performance optimization, game balance, and graphics all in the next patch :smile:

Another preview, with a peek at the new monster for Act 2:

It’s looking pretty darn good! Can’t wait till’ this release! Are pets being released in this upcoming patch? Can you give us any details on when/ when it’s expected to be out?


Pets are planned to actually come out patch after the next one, but in the meantime we have a pretty neat feature coming this patch that you may be excited for… which will be writing a blog/new post about it soon.