Would like players opinions! Can you take a quick survey?


We are trying to gather player opinions on gameplay features. We created this survey to get an idea of what players expect in Action Role Playing Games.

If you want to share you opinion please do so on this survey. We ask that you use the survey to give us feature suggestions and not this forum post (the survey is faster for us to collect) but we will have forum posts in the future that ask for user submitted features as well!

Thanks in advance for taking this survey, we greatly value your opinions and appreciate the time you would spend to share your feedback





Suggestion about the games future update?

More about features in general really. There are some things we cannot add to Dungeon Quest, but that doesn’t mean we could not have those things in a future title.



Done. Thank you for the opportunity to give feedback and suggestions.

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These are my suggestions that i would definitely love to be in the game… Hope that the max lvl of the characters are to be updated cause its boring to just rebirth it to 1 when we can reach 99… then i hope that there is a party not only for single player online… like a real party, with other teamates that are also players… Lastly, I hope that the eternal items can be upgraded by all the crystals and mythstones for a fair game… cause other players are using cheats… we can’t play good while cheaters are around… we must build also good items for us to win evenif there were cheaters… THATS ALL… :smile:

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New elements. and a combination of elements which has stronger effects (lightning+fire=lava) that can be forged with some kind of hard requirements. ex: requires 10obsi 5ameth and the specific item to apply the stronger element

increase cap level. and avengers custome plss!
and new classes of character, we’re quiet tired of the same chars all ovr again.

Online item auction.

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and could you pls add a + on equips other than the quality? make it expensive or a new kind of stone thay will be used on+. make it do that legend item +stone can be farmed from ex.300-500floor ehile et.legrnd + is 500-700 or higher. :grin:

Can the game make us food in our kitchens?