I was just looking at dps rankings and some person named JBL. has #1 at 18m, is that even possible?

Just downloaded his account to test, it does …actually… look legit. He has 13m DPS normally, but I assume he was able to log the number while boosted by a shrine/3 charge lance.

His build is actually pretty sick :smile:

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13m, that is crazy. We need a new ep lvls. People figure out that build then ep8 ignis will be like killing on floor1

I agree. New progression will come with one of the upcoming patches for sure. Will make it near “endless” this time :smile:

Yeah if its endless you could add highest floor leader board again

Agreed! It was a bit silly before when we only had 200 floors. Will likely add an “Effective Health Pool” leaderboard along with it.

Also I haven’t been able to locate any posts about the orbs around character when using lance what do they do?

Can we have a look on his build? how can it be possible to reach 13m lol…

Each orb increases damage and speed by 4% while moving.

I’ll give you a hint, he’s stacking a ton of ice damage and is using mostly epic gear, with only one legend. :smile:

Yeah I just found a new lance that helps my assault build I went from 400k crit assault to 800k crit assault. And I haven’t even finished enchanting my gear yet.

So he’s not wizard, he’s warrior ? ^^

That’s a little bit sad we can’t see in the ladder who’s wizard and who’s warrior! have to add a little avatar beside the names to notice thta ^^

Yeah there should be an icon next to them. I’m interested in seeing what everyone is as well.

Will put that on my to-do list :smile:

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Or you can think about spliting the ranking for each classes! because as I’m playin a wizard, I don’t care if i’m 58th highest dps if the 57 others are warriors lol ^^

I can get over 5m with wizard off the top of my head, items in my inventory can be swapped to achieve it at the moment but I’m going for balance.

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I don’t see the 18m on the boards though, I have 7.16m at the top currently, I just switched out to DMG gear on my warrior, I could have higher DPS with +at chance probably though.

yeah i guess he took his gear off, i should have took a screenshot of it

I already saw him for days on leaderboard, and steigerbox checked his stuff, that was legit, 4 epic pieces + 2 legends, warrior ofc

I just found out how he did it… I’m an idiot for not noticing it sooner… simple; Put on a spellsword set item and have decently high dodge, it multiplies your DPS drastically…

Without any of the spellsword set I had 7.16m DPS on my warrior… with it i would have well over 10m, if I actually cared, I’d take the time to actually build around it to increase my DPS more, but I just found out that with my wizard I could kill ignis lv 8 in less time than I thought previously. After I reroll my gear one more time I’ll be able to probably get 20m DPS on warrior, and maybe 10m or higher on my wizard.

Stone of nadjori/necklace of nadjori, high dodge = overkill on DPS when coupled with spellsword set item + blood magic or maybe even just a combo of these… Anywho, there are a multitude of item combos to make you godly, DPS is just a number, and highly irrelevant (wizard DPS at 1.79 can kill ignis in less than 5 seconds at lv 8 difficulty, but I don’t waste my time on that, I bump down to lv 1 or 2 with max MF and get about the same reward after 1shotting him).

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Yeah and also farming on 200 barely seems better than farming on 100 i clear floors at same speed with barely any difference in drops.

If you pay closer attention to detail you’ll notice that you get far more epic affixes at lv 200 per item than at lv 100… This means a large increase in gold.

Also, I wanted to point this out, since you showed me that video on youtube of you defeating ignis at lv 8 difficulty, I noticed that if you have a hammer with amazing attributes on them, you’ll get a lot higher damage out of your assault talent. Hammer yields roughly 2x base DPS to the offhand vs other mainhand weapons for the warrior, I just found that out… This may get outdated at the next update, but keep that in mind for now.

I only mentioned that because now at lv 8 on floor 200, I can easily cruise through the crowds with my warrior. Thanks for showing me how useful the warrior is for dealing massive damage… I just re-rolled his items to prove the point that DPS is heavily multiplied by using a lance if you have the 60% atk speed cap with it. If you read my mechanics in the guide on weapon multipliers, then you’ll see what I mean. It also explains that +%atk speed is rigged to give % based off of 2.5 atks/sec.

I still say the wizard is far more efficient at gathering items though, with teleport and +atk spd, you can cast teleport more quickly, as this skill depends souly on atk spd, not cooldown; allowing me to traverse the maps quickly and kill several enemies simultaneously with the magnify talent. Using the staff with comet is also fun because it makes multiple enemies go “POP” every single shot, not to mention the massive area of effect from meteor, and the ability it has to seek enemies. I have fun firing multiple bolts and racing them with teleport at the same time hahaha.

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