WWE warrior

I am.having a hard time with the game, it is all a bit daunting. I am.looking for some alive for a warrior build based off of WW. If anyone can give me some newbie assistance i.would greatly appreciate it

Okay, sounds like people wanna bring some role playing into here, awesome :stuck_out_tongue: so what kind of weapon are you thinking about using?
Also what of hand do you wanna use?
Also how many crystals are you willing to spend/farm for?

Currently I am using an axe. Where should I go to farm crystals. I’ll farm as much as I need it guess. I just need a little guidance. I am in the wind right now.

For now, just keep playing until you find a ‘fates travesty’ axe, it has pretty much everything you will need fo damage, once you have one, fill it with emeralds for that little bit of extra damage, also try to get orange ‘element DMG 5000’ on as much gear as you can or if you havemt played for too long, just keep looking for gear with ‘luck’ on them, they will help you find pretty things :wink:

I have ever that axe now…

How do I get, with luck? Can I roll.it with crystals?

You can get it with lamiar or just find items with it on

check this one. almost good for grinding :smile:

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Thanks for the info guys. Question about companion, do I get her my boosts?

Her magic find boosts is what I meant to say

if you want to invest in a main hand weapon that is easy to build and find. look for a glinting hammer ( crystalline set). It has +100% elem damage. Or the Lance with Eternalized and 100% elem damage.Then change the skill to whirlwind

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For new warrior:
CRYSTALINE HAMMER. Use Amber to change the skill to Whirlwind
Add Ignore Resist affix (RUBY Crystal) or u could use DRUIDIC CHEST

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