+x Extra Attack Chance

We had this brought up recently in several threads, so I wanted to get the information in one place.

First, there is a wealth of information in the codex. While not searchable, it is indexed pretty well.

Extra Attack Chance – Affix – Adds a 50% chance for an additional attack. Additional attacks occur if the preceding extra attack occurs.

The way I am interpreting that (and will gladly accept any correction) is that +1 will give you that first 50% chance for an additional attack, whereas +2 will give you a 50% chance for the extra attack, and if the first extra attack occurs, another will follow.

For instance, in a perfect world where every iteration produces the opposite result of the last iteration:
Attack #1 - No extra attack.
Attack #2 - With +1 extra attack, 1 extra attack occurs. With +2 extra attack, 2 extra attacks occur.
All odd numbered attacks have no extra attack
All even numbered attacks have 1 or 2 extra attacks (depending on the affix).

For a list of how to determine what a nature, talent, affix, etc is, please see Is there a link to explanations of cyrstals? That post is certainly one that should be bookmarked for new players. It’s confusing, and this shows everything beautifully.

Also of note, it does not affect special attacks. Regular attacks only AFAIK.

Along those lines, I am really loving spell sword+living force+wrath+assault. I wonder if “extra attack chance” is utilized by the spell sword or if it completely negates the extra attack chance since it replaces the primary and special skills of the MH weapon.

With a hireling also using spell sword+living force, my screen is a huge mixture of graphics when attacking, so just trying to gauge by sight becomes impossible :smile:.

WOW! Thanks for the full explanation =D

I tried putting +4 EAC on my OH while none for my MH. Im still shooting up to 4 arrows per tap. Can any veteran confirm this?

How did you put +4 on your OH weapon? It’s a legend affix and can either be 1 or 2. If it were an eternal, I guess it would be possible.

Do you have multi-attack on any of your equipped items?

How did you put +4 on your OH weapon? It’s a legend affix and can either be 1 or 2. If it were an eternal, I guess it would be possible.

Do you have multi-attack on any of your equipped items?[/quote]
It is epic affix, not legend. It is possible to have EAC once with epic affix and once with mythstone. Also there is some bug from time to time with 2 times EAC affix.

Without any Multi Attack Affixes??

I’m using a “+2 Multi Attack” Affix on my OH. So I’m shooting 3 Arrows 100% of the time.
I also have “+2 EAC” on my OH. The Max I can reach with one tap is 4 arrows (Standard Attack + +2 Multi Attack + +2 EAC).

Is there be a chance that I can shoot up to 5 Arrows? NO, without adding Multi Attacks, it’s not gonna happen. [emoji14]

“+X EAC” only increase the chance of getting ONE extra Arrow(in my case)/Attack. Means, the higher your EAC is, the more likely I’ll get that ONE extra Arrow(in my case)/Attack.

Extra Attack Chance is an Epic affix with max roll of 2.
Multi Attack is a Legendary affix with a max roll of 2.

Both stats are capped at 4, and both can come from MS #19, Zenith.

To my understanding, “extra attack chance” only works on weapons and only on the weapon it is attached to. [/quote]
Is this correct? If so, why do legends like Mind Trick and Will of the Force (ring and necklace) have EAC? And does it matter which item attack speed boosts are located on?

The only affixes I can think of that affect only the item they are on would be +weapon dmg and +weapon dmg%.

one thing i know for sure is that +EAC is not working with orb at all… thats why i prefer to “imagine” on the outcome on any enchant/replace rather than grow that DPS meaning.

Orb is a special attack.