Xbox controller layout?!

Hi so after the latest update my game switched to an xbox controller layout and i cant fix it i need help. I love this game but if i csnt fix it. I wont play

Hey if you navigate to Options->Controls->Controller Mapping are you able to change the controller maps from there?

That doesnt wprk cant change it

Which controller are you using exactly?

Im not using any. It jusy auto swirched to it

Try choose Controller HUD: Off and Controller Default.

Make sure you’re in Controls: V-Stick as well.

I have the same issue. I didn’t do anything at all, just launched the game, and noticed a weird tip on the loading screen about controls for a physical controller. Then I couldn’t play at all because, obviously, I usually use on screen controls.

If you’re at the latest version of the game, you should be able to force the Controller HUD off in options.

Pause the game

Choose “options”

Choose the “controls” button at the top of the screen.

Find a button that reads “Controller HUD: AUTO” and press that button until it reads “Controller HUD:OFF” this will prevent the controller HUD for appearing in your game.

Of course if you ever choose to use a controller in the future you will have to remember to set this back to “AUTO” or “ON” in order for your controller HUD to show on screen.

Thanks tdaniel. The HUD setting fixed it. I never in a million years would have thought to try that.

Thanks for letting us know that fixed the issue. We will try to find some better ways to communicate our options to the player base. It can be difficult, especially with a mobile game, to provide really great instructions or how to’s to know what all the different options and features do.