XP farm build with the dankest of wizards [blightedswamp build] [pve] [wizard/warrior/rogue mythic 3 experience farming build]


Dunno if it’s just the rng gods, but the drop rate of this item is just non-existant over 3 chars and 7 ascensions so far O_o


Yes it is hard to find an Insolence. But they will drop. Kill lots of Epic+ nme. :smile:


I tried nadroji bonus without epiphany and I didn’t like it . I then tried epiphany only with more experience gain and for me, it made more difference. I did spend a lot of crystals though for magic enemies but I always do that as larimars come easily for me. Also, even without magic enemies on maps, getting to mythic 99 was a breeze and then eternal 99 did take a while but it is still way faster than when I did it without epiphany and just used nadroji bonus. Of course my build was slightly altered from yours as it aimed to finish floors fast as possible (2-3 mins hopping around with vault rogue advantages) whilst levelling as fast as possible which worked for me. It’s just my preference though and I already reached eternal 99. It does depend on the build too. Whilst I was exp farming with the build, I was also testing out the chairman discordance orb idea and planning whilst farming which was probably why I removed nadroji bonus. Nadroji bonus is still useful though if you don’t like spending larimars as I see it.

Still, thanks for this build as I couldn’t have made it as quick as I did without you.


And also, I managed to get 3 characters eternal 99 too which is cool.


Just looking for a bit of advice regarding the build.
I can see why insolence would be optimal for the build, but it just won’t drop for me, so this is what I’m, using at the moment:

It does the trick, stuff dies, I live(most of the time) explosion is nice vs packs, etc.
That said, I have neither deadly arts or defiant in the build as it is now, and I’m considering “wasting” an obsidian on this for the build:

Seems to me that druidic+blight would do more for the build than ascendant + explosion,
Astral talent at 20, combined with “ascendant(5)-buffs” are maybe not to be ignored.
Thoughts? :slight_smile:

(Happy new year all)


Actually, reading the description of Druidic again - I’m thinking it’s not worth it running it along with bloodmagic - also I have no HP regen inherently in the build.

Any thoughts are still welcome:)


Allrighty folks - a little background info about my approach to this build.
I play semi-casual. Sometimes not at all - sometimes 1-3 hours a day. Before trying this build I had no ascensions on my wizard, I’m now finishing off my 4th.
I saw this build by Griffin and decided to give it a spin. I liked the idea of being able to jasper the build to other classes, as I’m looking to ascend my other two characters at some point also.

The build, as it is right now, has subbed defiant for momentum, as I haven’t been able to reach Griffins original build competely.
I’m putting my points in the health stat only. Also I switched some stuff up, as my items rolled other stats than the recommended, which seemed to work:)
I felt that I needed the 10k HP epic affix, as survivability was kinda ‘meh’ initially. I were low on rubies and RNG LUCK, when trying to make this build, so I ended up with ignore resist, explosive, 10K hp, and crushing blow, instead of 1 x deadly strike (crystal affix), 2 x +% Poison DMG % (legend affix), and +% Move Speed.
I’m pretty sure I’m leaving it at that, as the dmg in the build seems fine for grinding lvl 180-240ish with no problems, and that’s all I need for exp farm.
I’ll explain a choice I made below (if you can still bother reading) :slight_smile:

I started out using this orb offhand for the build hoping Insolence offhand would drop along the way:

Eventually I gave up, and looked at ‘Hellfire’ instead.
It gives me the on screen dps numbers 4,29M on orb, as you can see above, which is offcourse lower than the 4,40 from the orb, but the added blight makes a HUGE impact on how fast you clear everything. My clear speed has just increased 10-folds after that extra blight has been added. Based on that experience I’m presuming that the extra +%Poison DMG% I’m missing would do me a lot of good in the build aswell, but crushing blow and ignore resist is doing the trick for me as it is.
Also managed to attack ‘Vampiric’ set-affix to Hellfire - which gave me a huge HP boost.

Lets give this the TLDR treatment, as it is a long post:

  • GIving up on ‘Insolence’ offhand - I recommend ‘Hellfire’ instead - drops loads of times.
  • I want an easy way of grinding exp towards eternal ascend - should I try this build? = HELL YEAH.
    Not gonna lie, I’m sure it’ll still feel like a hell of a grind, but it is SO much faster this way:)

Thnx for yet another tool in the box @Griffin :slight_smile:


Less hp, but survivability seems a lot better and dmg seems hell of a lot better:


Holy sh-- @Griffin!
Just jaspered this build to use on my warrior - one word:
Sprint! O_o


I get why sprint is good…but if you’re sprinting then you’re not laying down Orbs right? Or are you just saying that sprint allows faster map clears?


I think it’s about time to get at least one of my characters to Eternal.
My warrior is still Legend Ascension LOL



I’m barely using orb after I’ve equipped sprint. Just running around, while poison clouds spawn and kills the stuff behind me. If I wasn’t a greedy bastard ( who keeps backtracking for loot), most maps would be cleared in about 2 mins


It gives you something to do;) At the moment I’m settling at 4 ascensions on my two main chars for farming purposes. The last two on either of them will have to wait:)


Just tested it:

Exactly two mins without switching to Hunter ring on shrines, and without picking up any loot.
I just like my lewts:p


Ah yes of course…and you could actually optimize the build more for sprint gameplay (which should be plenty enough damage for 190-300). Heck my main farming character is a sprint warrior and even without optimized gear, I can cruise through entire lv 500+ maps without stopping, then run through it just once more to pick up all the loots :+1:.


I’m positive it can be made better survival- or farmorientated, as there are 6 exp affixes and possibly more that could be switched out for something else.


This build semms not effective anymore. Itried this build and yet its only 300% exp gain on solo mode.


300% exp gain is awesome lol


Saved for my next character :thinking:


I used this build but using rogue discordance orb as an early concept before I fully used it for my PvP and PvE build since it was my dream to share it.

Also it was poison/ice . Another thing is that I used vault to rapidly move around the map and cast orbs to gain experience with that reactor
I used Epiphany plus 250% exp gain although I could have also used both epiphany +nadroji bonus as one idea.

Now that crushing flames exists , that wouldn’t be the biggest problems but it would have been possible regardless.
Epiphany , 2 nadroji for bonus , rest is all yours. Crushing flames/frozen , Arcanist/Ascendant, etc.
Eventually after I got eternal 99 rogue , I used this build as a base to improve for my Seasonal Maidens build in Frozen.

originally wanted to do it in fire+shock but that idea was already done so Frozen I used and it worked very well.