XP farm build with the dankest of wizards [blightedswamp build] [pve] [wizard/warrior/rogue mythic 3 experience farming build]


You can cdefinetly use energy :smile: I would’t suggest equivalence purely because you really don’t need the extra damage reduction hope that helps! :grin:


Very good guide thanks for the upload,

i cant seem to find mythical rare pieces , what is the best possible solution?


Is sorcery your only source of element crit? 20% Is that enough?


It is enough for a wizard class but if you swap classes, feel free to swap a certain affix for an elemental crit affix like legend affix 30% elemental critical or 2 epic versions.


When your using arc, you attack fsst enough to not need to care about crits and chances… But i dont understand the use of astrial in there, am i missing something about that talent?


If he had high resist, astral is fine for increasing ed% but otherwise, maybe he could replace with magnify and if other class, replace with thing like zealous or something.


@420 unfortunately mythics cannot be found however they can be crafter you will require an item with 4 empty sockets and then you must slot 4 specific mythstones in here’s a list of all of the combinations :smile: http://dungeonquest.wikia.com/wiki/Mythics
@liz7 yup :grin: alot of elemental crit often is not actually that important too have sorcery if your wizard or a single legendary affix if your another class will always suffice :smile:
@TeaCup astral is in there purely because I had a decently high all resists stat and not much use for magnify although if anyone wants too switch it out for magnify that would be just as good a decision :relaxed:


If its and orb/arc build as i can see from reactor, bewilder might benefit you more, astrial is a simple plus, not a percentage so unless its your main damage source, its relatively weak… However bewilder just stuns targets nearby to the orb so since theyre immobalised, they cant attack and die for you, not to mention that orb attacks once every second for each orb so again, chances dont matter much
Just an idea though, i use a similar build and ring talents can be a pain to chose for this type of build


^yeah I completely agree with you now it’s been a good period since I did this learned alot since then :smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


btw at mythic 3 wouldn’t you have hit capped experience gain already (200%) so you wouldn’t need all those quest mythstones. :confused:


That cap is hidden and (maybe over cap?) you need quest stones because if you don’t, the minus values will still be a big deal. That means mythic difficulty bonus alone isn’t enough to help you get to cap.

You need mythic 3 175% exp bonus +6 quests stones.

Believe me, I was in the same boat as you :smile: until I discovered myself which works and which doesn’t.

When you got 200% , with exp shrine (enshrined version), your exp turns from 200% to 500% . Then if you had exp boost, that 500% turn into a value like over 1000% (I dont remember the exact value).
It would be 200+ enshrined boost exp + 175 (and shop boost)

200+300+175 = 675% exp gain maybe. Without any boost at all, that 200% exp gain seem to be 375%, though adventure page doesn’t show extra 175% exp gain bonus from m3.

M3 definitely makes a difference for the fastest exp you can get with of course 200% exp gain on gear from quest. If you try very easy mode, you won’t get as much exp despite having 200% exp gain on gear because of little to no difficulty bonus. I know this from experience.

Hope this explanation helps. Main point is 175% exp gain from m3 is above cap and max exp gain on gear must be 200% (6 quest stone).

Feel free to correct me if I made mistake @Griffin012 .


@CuzegSpiked nailed it right on the head essentially the 175% XP bonus from mythic 3 is a hidden additional boost too XP the isn’t the same is a the 200% one you can get with quest mythstones it is also possible that this 175% one is actually multiplicative (I’m 98.3% sure this is this case) with the 200% one like how the boost from a shrine and the one from the purchase are :grin:


Did you find a legendary weapon in rouge with +% Weapon DMG, used amethyst to get Deadly Arts then use Jasper to turn in to sword for wizard? If so what legendary weapon was it originally? :smiley:


Actually I used the Wizard blade Scoundrels Disloyalty it’s an ultra common drop past floor 250 any difficulty :smile: hope that helps!


but how do you put deadly arts on it?


I jaspered it too a rogue weapon and then jaspered it back :smile:


ah I see :smiley:

I’m really I just have a few more questions :smiley:

How did you manage to get the crystal affix that you wanted (crit dmg and deadly strike) on to the Nadroji equipment. Since you cant get Nadroji and Nadroji bonus via Amethyst, was all luck when you got the Crystal affix that you wanted?


Yup pretty much you just hope you have roughly a 1/4 chance too get what you want when you apply an obsidian so you just keep trying :smile:


If I fail does that mean I loose my nadroji items? since I can’t remove the crystal affix without removing the set affix? :frowning:


yeah :sweat: