Now what i do to XP farm is i make sure a floor is the right floor for my level now i noticed that the game saves your progress every time you exit to the main menu now what i do

1.stay on the same floor
2. Clear the floor of all enemies
3. Exit to the main menu without going to the next floor
4. Hit play in the campaign menu
5. Repeat steps

Thats basically it now this will work for item farming and gold farming -patrick read

Thanks for reading my post have a nice day

experience from monsters stops increasing at floor 100, so most players just farm for experience around floor 100-110 if they are getting the Perks. you can go higher if you can, but you end up taking longer to get the experience, since monsters get tougher and the experience stays the same as floor 100.

another nice trick is fighting on floors divisible by 5, because at the end, you get the Elemental Boss for the previous 5 maps. killing them can finish one of the feats that drops a Legend item. when done, do what you said, and choose the same floor again and repeat.

so if you were on floor 25, cleared it, then fought the Slime Boss, and then chose floor 25 again, nice way for experience and extra loot.

on floors 21+, you can buy challenge maps of the same floor you are on. they give more loot that the regular maps, and they don’t have an exit, you either use the map of the Cartographer for the next floor, or go to the shop again and get another challenge map of the same floor. challenge maps are also more difficult, as they have affixes that boost monsters or lower some of your abilities, like lowering your ability to heal or get mana. they will have from 1-6 affixes, and the more affixes, the better the loot, but the bigger the challenge to get the loot.

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I’ve just bought a load of maps on mythic 600 to see if it’s possible to drop a legend one. No such luck . Got lots of epic ones though which are good

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:laughing: x 1,000. this came up before and it was said Legend+ Maps can only be gotten from the Feat rewards. @dickwad hope you get loads of awesome loot with the Epic Maps! :crystal_ball: :world_map:

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Another good trick is using Larimar crystals on a map to get Pack Size on maps! Then use a Diamond to reroll the packsize number to something over 100. Loads of exp, gold and item drops!

In regards to maps, I got lucky and finally found an eternal map. What’s the best way to use it?


Eternal map save it for completing enslaver quests


for Eternal Maps, it is just like using Legend Maps. if you can farm on Floor 500-510, use it to increase your chances for Crystals and Myth Stones. I have read that you can use these maps as part of Crafting Items. while you are on these Maps, it increases the chances of getting perfect rolls while Crafting. there was a Thread & some Posts about this, but it has been over a year since I read them. also, there are some Feats that if finished on these Maps, could give you better loot. like better chances to get Crystal/Eternal Items and Maps, and better Pets.


I’ve wasted lots of eternal and legend maps. I’m going to start saving them.

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I am saving 2 Eternal Maps I have for when I can farm floor 510 again. I really want the loot boosts for cool loot!

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If you save up every legend or eternal map when you’re finishing a enslaver feat then you are guaranteed an enslaver will pop up on one map.

That’s been my mistake. Just playing maps for things to convert to gems or dust or myth stones when you can drop them on any old map. I’m saving them now


So it mean even i am lvl 70up, i will farm for experience at lvl100-110,(legend,m1,m2 or m3)?
As of now i’ve done already the 3perks, i want to finish them all.

M3 gives the biggest Experience Boost, on top of the +200% you can put on your Equipment.

Farming for Experience on Floors 100-110 is best, because as you are Ascending for the Perks, you need increasingly more Experience for the next Perk, so killing monsters fast is important. you need 6 spaces just for the 6 Quest Stones, and if you decided to use Nadroji Bonus (Boosts the Spawn Rate of Magic & Rare Monsters by 100%), that is 3 more spaces (Nadroji Bonus and 2 Nadriji Set to activate), and that is 9 spaces total for Experience, and not defense or killing monsters. you can stick to the Campaign Maps, or use Challenge Maps instead. Challenge Maps with Magic, Rare, Epic, Pack Size, & Extra Affix are good for getting both more Experience & Loot. Higher Tier Monsters give more Experience & Loot. 2 of the Monster Affixes +100% Experience for that monster, and +100% Loot for that monster.

you can go to higher floors if you need a certain item, but Ascending Builds have the same problem as Farm Builds, the higher the floor, the harder it is to survive.