Xp gain cap

Is there a cap too the bonus xp gain? And can you have the mythstone+the legendary affix on a piece of gear I’m curious cause I’m gonna make a set of xp gain gear that I can use too get all my characters too eternal lvl 99 as fast as possible come next update

Exp boost cap is 200%

And that’s definitely not just the effective cap with the mythstone only adding up too that?

No exp boost cap 200% any additional exp boost that goes beyond cap is useless and doesn’t count,

Except the bought one. They go beyond the cap. :smile:

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Nice idea. Are you thinking a set of all level 1 items, with one socket each for a Quest mythstone?

EDIT: Just ran Floor 2 with my level 99 farmer and got plenty of ilvl 1 and ilvl 2 items, but no sockets. Anyone know the lowest ilvl an item can drop with a natural socket?

Oh yes of course except that, sorry i forgot to type that one :smile:

You can get the lowest level items with sockets from the vendor. I got crystalline, eternalized and adventurer stuff at level1 from the vendor with sockets. Same applys to fauns gift and satyrs items such as satyrs spirt and cornucopia. Sockets are available from vendor bought legend items or nornal items. Same with floor but I can’t be bothered to run floors 2 by destroying everything. I go to floor 2 just because I can and then come back to farming at normal floors.

You have to be level 1 to buy ilvl 1 gear, right? No matter what floor I go to, the vendor gives me high ilvl gear.

You have to be at the lowest floor and be level1 or level1 hirling to buy level1 gear. Simple maths ok :blush:

Can I get verification on this? because I am trying to make your “XP Farm” build but I am reluctant to put Quest Mythstones on my gears because of the 200% EXP Cap. :frowning:

the 200% XP gain cap is exclusive too the legendary and mythstone XP bonuses all other XP bonuses will work with it :grin: so like the 175% bonus from mythic 3 will stack above that cap so go ahead and put the quest mythstones on the build and going into the future you should check here Griffin’s Smithery: Masterpost first it will most likely answer whatever questions you have (not nessacarily yet but when I’m finished all of the guides) or ask these questions on the question thread hope that helps :smile:

I see thank you for clarifying that :smiley: I love your guide by the way ^^

Thanks :smile: I’m glad people are liking them so far Ideally by the time I’m “done” (lol that’ll never happen cause I’ll have too keep em up too date :stuck_out_tongue:) with them they shall be all super fleshed out and answer pretty much any affix or gear related question you could ever have unless it’s some number that Steiger doesn’t want too be public knowledge for balance reasons that will be a good while though there’s a lot of work too do too complete that :grin:

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