XP Items on Hireling

Hi out there i read a lot the Forum and may be all of the highrate Guides, but havent found the answer on ym Question.

I like to push my Wizard and Warrior on Eternatl Ascendet and i am Wondering if they need 200% XP gain on there Equipement or only the XP gain on my Main Affect them?

You will need XP gear on both characters :smile:

Great that helps me :slight_smile:
Does Epiphany Effec XP Gain too?

With Mythstones i cant get 200% XP on the Gear.

With Epiphany and Fauns Ring/ Adventure Hat Eternatl it could be 230% per Character, does it works?

It should but that mean you will lose 11 affixes to boosting XP so watch out :+1:

You are right and i wont use it because of the possibilty to farm crystal and eternal legends for crystals.

Crafted the Gear and got on both main and hireling 6 Quest Stones and the stats page shows me 150% total XP gain, but the average must be 200%. What is wrong?

If your characters are different levels you get diminished XP :+1:

@Griffin012 thanks for your help again :slight_smile:

thought about the lvl too, but they are both 91

Weird :thinking: could you PM me the adventure page on both your hireling and main as well as the gear you’re using please? :green_heart: I’ll look into what’s going when I wake up :smile:

@Griffin012 i dont know how to screenshot with the firetv.

What i figured out so far:

Equal lvl both (lvl 91) both stat page show 150% Xp

Main toon lvl 92, main toon stat = 196,1% Xp
Hireling lvl 94, hireling stat page = 201,3% Xp

Main lvl 92 =144,1% Xp
Hireling lvl 95 =151,9% Xp

Main 91 = 188,4% XP
Hireling 96 = 203,8 % Xp