Howd u get 99 of ruby amythest and obsidian? Ull convert xtals from emerald down to obsidian? Hhmm

yes and convert legend or eternal item

I see.

I thought im doing wrong abt it lol.

Use dust to buy eternal items then convert


converted legend gear turns to crystal? eternal gear to rare crystal?

Convert legend to dust. Then buy eternal items then convert

problem now is GOLD OMG 1covert = 500k goldie for eternal

what will happen if i use those ultra rare xtal? my eternal wil become cyan in color? change color? :smiling_imp: :imp: :sleepy:

Lol. Gold starts pilin up soon enough, but yea, costly indeed

Eh 500k is nothing.

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I don’t even notice using it xD

Me too.

if you have tons of gold

466M gold baby. I spend gold like crazy though so its the first time in months since I last saved up a ton of gold. Road to a billion.

412M gold here I convert to much crystals