no worriess lol. each build had a counter


nope not playing it maybe another kram ahahaha…

btw example you equip a PVP build and save it then change to a PVE set will your char that was left in arena will have the PVE set aswell or it will still have the PVP set you use to enter??

or the set you use in PVP remains the set the AI use as long as you haven’t entered the PVP arena again??sorry my english grammar is kinda bad i hope you get what i mean xD

also btw can i ask where to get that nadroji set affix i get nadroji items but no nadroji set affix…i have eternalized but i never got 1 eternal item either…

plus can you advice me what episode the best to hunt legend items i’m trying to get good legend items to build up my rouge.


If u mean nadroji stone and nadroji crystal (accessories ) with +2 set affix, that u need to hunt.

PvP equiped remain as long as u not entering arena with other build.

there is no best place to hunt/farm. it depand on your equiped set. if u have max cap luck, gold find just by your affix. u can play on very easy to farm. if u dont have proper farming build u can try farm on highest deficulty u can handle to grap some lil buff luck and gold find. the rest u need to add some more maybe with item nature eth.


Quick question, does HP, MP and MP Regen have to do anything with the build? Or can I swap those out for other affixes? Thanks.



u need atleast 1 mp regen.and 1 mp affix. this is for u to rapid activation skill. coat+timewarp+guidedshot this alone will wipe all ur mp if u dont have any mp affix. lol


Nice avatar cronos <3


Yeah, realized it after using the build without MP affixes, lol. Thanks man.



how ur damage.? nice.? btw today is big catch for me lol. 1 eternal pet 3 vacuus scorpio bow 2 vacuus scorpio staff and some defiant gauntlet. lol


40-120+k in arena, but I see 200+k sometimes, 970 Power, but I can only use 1 Coat+Time+Guided, after that no MP lol.

What do you use to farm man? My luck sucks, I’m at 1000+ map but I only got 1 mutiny, 1 ragnarok, 1 vacuus. :confused:



i use semi greengarden with nadroji necklace + eternalized cap. lol just normal build. rapid killing power.


btw forgot to congratz u. u are the first lohko user that able to pull some serious damage i mean almost reach me lol. my damage 200+k-370+k. some lil interview. how u feel when u able to OHKO a tank.? lol


Where did you get your eternal pet and how!!? Was it the one you wanted?


Also saint what is your battle arena ID


i got eternal spike (Plagued) its for Greengarden build tho but the affix is soooo lame lol. no +ED so sad.


how do you get the L.Affix WD i can’t get anything from ruby im almost out of stock


the only way to have L.affix WD on bow is vacuus scorpio bow (maelstorm)


oh ok… btw what floor did you manage to get that i was using Galewind since i dont have vacuus s]


i got 3 vacuus scorpio on floor 190-200. u need nadroji atleast i guess to help find it.

There is some lagend that hard to drop like
gauntlet (wiz)
Manasheild (wiz)
Bow (rogue)
Mirror (rogue)
hatcher (war)
Axe (War)

As u see there bow in the list (i made my self as what i experient lol) so basicly lagend bow are pretty much are rare and the unknown one even harder to find lol


@cronos4321 Beating tanks is pretty awesome specially just shooting once, they only survive when they have Sanctuary so I just run and let the Bleed Damage kill them. Also, I managed to defeat most of the eternal league, except for your account, Aphrodite kills me so easily, out of like 10 fights I only won once. Your account usually eats up my points and now Im stuck on Mythic. Kinda unfair facing you at just 5 streak. Lol.

@Cereal It’s the same as my name here. Oh and, it’s not too hard to farm legend-eternal pets, that is, if you focus on that alone, it’s hard to farm for it while farming for something else, it will take time don’t get me wrong. I just spam Floor 200, find and kill Enslaver, while wearing eternalized gear, and finish the Kill Enslaver Feat in like an hour or less, spam that enough and you’ll eventually get an eternal pet, and from my experience Spike drops the most often. I have 4 of him from like a month of farming, 2 Liliths, 2 Banes and 1 Shibe. Sadly the one I want, Cerberus, has yet to drop for me.

Take note that I focused on farming pets since I think that’s where my luck is, I have farmed for months and I haven’t gotten an Insolence, only 1 Vaccuus, 1 Ragnarok, and only 3 Nadroji parts. Except for pets, my general Luck sucks. Lol.



lol. he blink right after u shot the arrow.?