Aphrodite? Yeah, most of the time I can’t even damage her. I only won one time because I luckily got the timing of my shot and hit him before blinking. Lol.


try this, right after game start, use all buff and just shot. i use this method to kill blinker toon.


Thanks a lot man, finally reached Eternal League with the current build I’m using, I still lose to you more times than I win, but I’m very happy with this build right now. So thanks a lot. Most of this is because of this guide.


Any updated Rogue guides for the 2.0 patch

congratz for getting in eternal league. and glad that this guide help u alot.


weird when i finish combat in arena it says on my power 1133 but i only deal like around 10k(critical) damage hmmm why is it like that??


post ur set here. let see what wrong with your build


how to screenshot inside the game???im using Iphone 4 for playing tnx


haven’t try iphone yet lol. so basicly i dont know. u can search on google lol


i will just type it instead since idk how and maybe you can response faster with it…

power - 299
health - 5
mana - 5
DMG 364.8k - 609(something its cut)k
hp - 1
mp - 14040

crit chance - 60
glass canon - 100
crit dmg - 350
dodge - 60
deadly strike - 50
move speed - 40
attack speed - 45
bleed chance - 50
bleed dmg - 62.5

mutilate , relentless, propulsion , razored

eternal cerberus - cosmic power, 30% immolate, 40% fire damage, 10000 fire dmg, 20% deadly strike, 20% bleed chance

galewind(MH) - vampiric touch, 45% aspd, 50% weapon DMG, 5000 weapon DMG, 5000 fire DMG, 20% fire dmg
Energy vial(OH) - energy, 45% crit chance, 2 multi attack, 5000 fire dmg, 20% fire dmg
skilled leather(chest) - skilled, gladiator, 30% dodge, 100% blistering, 50% glass canon, 5000 fire dmg
crimson cover(head) - inferno,225% crit dmg, 100% blistering, stun immune, frozen immune, 5000 fire dmg
poise(ring) - rage, 30% deadly strike, +2 all sets, 15% mspd, 5000 fire damage, 20% fire dmg
Sanctuary amulet(necklace)- sanctuary, momentum,+2 all sets, 15 mspd, 5000 fire dmg, 20% fire dmg

there i don’t have vicius bow idk that it was freaking rare when i got 1 during the 1.7 version days i just sold and now i can’t find even 1 pc of it and been doing floor 200 since forever just to hunt it i even find that eternal pet and still no sign of vicius bow :3

oh btw i made my vial special to timewarp


@cronos4321 what is the max range(yard) of guidedshot w/out amplfier?


okay i see your problem. Energyfor is spamable guidedshot. this lohko build using discordance. the theme is ONE SHOT. Discordance swap damage base from your special and primary, reduce CD by 25% and increase all damage deal to enemy from MH weapon by 25%… guidedshot 100% Dmg while Multishot 1050% Dmg. when swap your Guidedshot deal 1050% dmg and have Multishot CD. When feat with skilled. 1050×1.5=1575%. add timewarp 1575×1.5= 2362.5% and lastly discordance damage boost by 25%. 2362.5×1.25 = 2953.125%


amplify.? doest that is wiz talent.?
btw as i remember G/Shot travel 25 yard.




oh i never understood discordance so that’s how it work i guess the reason i thought it was useless cause when i equip it i have energy equipped also so that’s why i guess it didn’t work properly…i still got lots of crystals tnx to my forever hunting of vicious bow atleast i will put it to good use now time to reroll tnx for the tip xD


ur welcome. all the cost for make this build will only worth of 1 shot of guidedshot. are u sure u gonna make it.? lolol JK. 1 shot equal to kill. have fun with this build.


now my damage becomes 60k+(crit) still far from your damage but power is at 1.1k hmm…can u give me clues on what affixes i shouldn’t have based on my set/items post??

hahaha i have a seperate farm build anyways so its fine i just got nothing to do with my overwhelming crystals since it drops too much now than before atleast i have something to use it for now ahahaha


i think the guide help u enough. not being stinky lol. but maybe u need some more hang to the game and understanding thing. and play with calculator, toying your brain. write some on paper. and that would help. also read some other guide and adapt some of it into your and u will have lohko with your identity. i mean unique.


hahaha i kinda have a unique LOHKO build now a little stronger than my previous one plus faster CD…so i don’t know if i can still call it LOHKO maybe more of OHKO…

it uses scatter shot rather than multi shot(faster CD)

with the help of buccaner(set affix) and i have max gold find on gear 125% of 650% gold find on gear is added to scatter shot damage :D…

then satyr spirit(set affix) with this i got lots of mana as well…

so it will be good for a 2v2 aswell since LOHKO is pretty much good with 1v1 only but if use in 2v2 if your partner dies fast and you still have 1 alive enemy and u just shotted your arrow your dead meat just like what happen when i tried it since CD is long so i tried a different approach for OHKO with faster CD and come up with that but still tnx to this build as a base…now i just need vicious bow to pump my damage :3…i got plenty of crystals to fix it and converting legend items really works as a charm for having a lot of ultra rare crystals :smiley:


what the point about lohko is = Pack all affix into single source of damage = Guidedshot…

uour gold find = bucanneer = s.spirit = scattered shot. ? where that ohko lol,


guideshot…i used discordance but instead of having multi shot i use scatter shot as the special of main hand which has faster CD than the multi shot which is you can cast guideshot faster…

bucanner as you know increase scatter shot damage by 125% of your gold find on gear… so 650% X 125% = 812.5% and your scatter shot based damage is 700%…

700% + 812.5% = 1512.5% scatter shot damage and has lesser CD than multi shot…use discordance then your guideshot will have high damage with a fast CD…

with satyr spirit you got plenty of mana aswell…so if my 1st shot miss i just need like 1.5s to fire another shot since i will still have plenty of mana…if 2nd shot don’t work you can still have a 3rd shot…that’s why i said it is more of an OHKO than a LOHKO since u can have more than 1 chance if the 1st try miss…