cheater confirmed.


Editing Tool(s) 100% cheater :joy:


at first i though that is apps for screenshot lol. and then he post on new thread that he got eternal bloodless victory trophy and another player said it was cheat tools and he get ban lol.


i defeat cronoc rage one time when i encounter at pvp… but still i cant defeat refia and clogon at the arena…


what did you mean not sir?


Hey tomz haha its me john of pinoy dq player group haha


i know bro. lol :smile:


i have completed the set but my crit is 30k deadly max crit :frowning: need help btw i dont have cerberus pet


Its bcoz discordance Now is different compared to previous patches, + they nerf the bow, lohko cant deal that high dmage now, but back to previous patch, lohko is too op when it comes to dmg,


awtsssss so sad


have you tried using your special skill instead? with the change to discordance, it just means that you will have to use multishot instead of guidedshot. it will be basically the same build but you should replace multiattack with some other affix. skilled change to maybe brutal or ruptured. replace ballista too. it doesn’t work with either guided shot or multishot. the build could still work. maybe even better since you will have a spammable multishot instead of a cooldown dependent guidedshot.


I think im gonna experiment this while waiting for sir cronos to update this… If hes gonna update it hehe


Sir How to make Discordance bow? can u post it the mythic stone combination


You can find all combinations of mythics here–>http://dungeonquest.wikia.com/wiki/Mythics
Combination for discordance–>Mentor Boon Death Fortune


tnx a lot sir :slight_smile:


Where are you farming? I mean… floor what? Mythic 3 i bet. Also… ezernalized or crystalline for pure gold farming?


yo can you help me tweak ths build? Im still in the edge of eternal league.


He stopped playing actively about a year ago and the last post on this thread was one year ago.