Depending on build THEME i guess. if my theme is shadow, i might use discordance. if my theme is Kamui (Obito M.S ability) i might use something that make your attack look like u actually miss. (i have this build) very very funny build lol


edit: not like your attack but your enemy attack on u look like it miss.


Like smokebomb? Ok now i know sir :smiley: my problem now is my dmg haha just relying on earthshatter -.-


smokebomb.? nahh lol.


Insane damage of lohko :smiley:
© @cronos4321 for sharing lohko build :smiley:


Nice build, anyways can you tell me how to get the +5 in a single set affix? And also i can’t apply the crytals to a pet, not even know how to get the “+2 number set”



I hope this one can help you with your questions sir.

As for the pet & crystals… i believe that only calcite is working with pets…


Rhe only way to get Set affix increased is by stacking up same set affix, get nadroji accessory (legend affix +2 set number [cannod get through ruby]) and socket Elixer mythic stone on accessory.


Yeah, have been there for a while learning how it works, thanks for the reply


What mytstones are you using for discordance ??


Info about mythic skill recipe already writen in DQ wikia and some old thread, u need to search and read.


THX !! you are a GENIUS :smiley:


How on earth did you get rage and stun immune kn crimson civer when crimson cover doesn’t have? Is this an old item? Can rogues add rage because I dont think they could but last time i tried with amethyst, I actually used fauns gift with amethyst as a wizard! Is this a glitch or intentiinal?


rogue crimson cover cap have stun immute.

u can get any normal set affix, any exclusive set affix by using any class when apply amethyst BUT the item must be that certain class for example that rogue crimson cap, using Rogue toon to remove all affix except stun immute then jasper that cap to warrior helmet. apply amethyst until u get what u want like Rage Momentum eth. then after u get it, jasper it back to rogue cap.


So I don’t have to look for rage helmet but instead I can use a fabled warrior helmet and add rage for my energy helmet then and afterwards, convert class to wizard? I didn’t even knos that was possible and thanks for your extremely helpful answer. May the force be with you and good luck :slight_smile: ! May I always learn alot from you master @cronos4321 . I am your padawan or apprentice like konahamaru from naruto. This seems like extremly useful advice and thanks for saying this extremly useful tip :slight_smile: . Still I need amethyst eternally :laughing: Hopefully, the new update will make it soo much easier :smiley: Oops, I meant remive all affix except ones I need, change it to warrior using jasper then use amethyst until I get rage and then change back or can it work if i use a warrior hat and apply amethyst for a rage then switch to wizard after I get what I wanted?


there is no master here lol. that is basic of crafting. i think it writen on rubik crafting theory if i remember it correctly lol. i guess u should stop rushing craft your build. take some time reading all DQ basic. crafting, farming eth. it take some time to grab all information, but it worth to spent your time on it. less headache in future.


I am not rush crafting. Just crafting and asking questions for ideas of the build or ways to waste less things. I now have a mini sort of farming build which works extremely well in gold but not worthy to show in forums but it sorta wlrks like a proper farming build with farming affixes such as fortune, luck, gold find, item drops. Now that I made that, I can concentrate on getting resources and think about what I will do. I could try and make a complete farming build but atm, I am dry in resources and prefer just a mini for now. I just always change my plans when I seem to see better affixes but it takes ages. I clearly thoughtly deeply and looked alot in the forums. I guess I will take your advice to look more into the forums once more time to see what I miss.


[quote=“cronos4321, post:141, topic:3012”]
i guess u should stop rushing craft your build[/quote]
This one I mean is your focus, u change your aftermath build elements to the one u think is better and keep changing. It make u lose the chance to see full/complete build of the one u try to make previously and lose the chance to know how much damage it deal at max. U lose alot crystal this way. Try focus on 1 build ATM.

This one I mean is your time, u see if u already have all information time consume to craft 1 build will not be too long, like u did now, u looking warrior helm with rage set affix, it took some time right.? If u know that u can just jasper wizard hat to warrior helm and use amethyst to get rage set it doest take that long time.

I though I already separate both advice with DOT lol. But I think u take both advice as 1.


I get that but I realized why I took so long because I forgot how good a farming build is and I just keep changing as you said. I do have an idea but I will try and improve it before I craft it. I used to try and make it pvp and pve but I changed it to just pvp. Just will look into affixes and change it to better affixes while still keeping aftermath them and proc theme. Also I don’t always have time on my hands because I am a student at school and I am just a plain idiot. Sometimes I have a headache and feel like giving up as well. I don’t know alot like other people do which is frustrating so I seem to do stupid things In dq that I dont realize is stupid in dq.


@cronos4321 i only got 130k damage :slight_smile: im still figuring out whats wrong in my build haha. Maybe its because i dont have throphy?