Yellow affix

I made a ring with epic prefixes that I wanted, it must of taken 5 hours, epic affixed were not showing up

So got this prefixes
ICE DMG 19.5%
MP 5000
Attk speed 9.9%
Crit chance 7.9% yellow affix
Crit DMG 58.9%

So I want to lose the Crit DMG because I got lucky to be that high. But the Crit chance is yellow, does it matter? The max on an epic is 15 anyways, does it matter?
Thank you, can’t wait when the enchanting gets upgraded.

You can get epic affixe crit dmg : +75%

I’m talking about Crit chance on my question. And I wouldn’t reroll to get my 6th affix max since it will screw my 3 affixes that are almost maxed. I want to know if 7.9%crit chance yellow acts the same as 7.9% Crit chance epic. Or should leave it as is?

My bad, but Still doesn’t change the fact everything is explained in the thread
But to be clearer : the difference between yellow and orange affixes is just the “maximum value”
For example :

HP (2550) = Yellow
HP (2550 x2 = 5000) = Orange

To get a better value (max 15%)
You’ve to downgrade your item twice, and get back 2 epic affixes (if you’re failing the 2 downgrade, load your game from DQserver)