Ye'olde Dictionary Dilemma (Observation and Hypothesis))

I’ve been an avid fan of this apps development for quite a number of years and I’m sad to admit that although throughout those years I’ve uninstalled and re-downloaded the game numerous times on multiple devices, there’s been a repetitive thorn in my side that’s seemingly been bothering the Dev’s as well as fellow players.

Judging by the topic title I’m sure you’re aware this relates to the Codex Tabs, dictionary Interface and the discrepancies regarding my inability on any device to complete this section of the UI.

Currently on Version 3.2; I don’t have much further information to offer along this issues pursuit save for the clarification that in previous years i believe the amount of actual Dictionary Achievements was of a lesser value, yet regrettably I’ve scoured through all 65 corresponding pages of the dictionary’s (current) context and observed every interactive Definition/sub-text window only to fall short at 478/516 and if you observed the issue as I have, I’m sure you’re well aware that even if all conceivable sub-categories were observed and going as far as to add the additional 16 Tabs housing said categories (due to their similar appearance, although)
I would be missing 22 Entries even if the categories themselves were added into the equation… Baffled, I’ve looked it over multiple times to confirm it and the only possible deduction I can come up with is the off-chance within the approximate 6 years of this games continuing development, that perhaps new additions were added to the Dictionary’s infrastructure, raising the total required for completion and that their attached nodes corresponding to the addition may have not been adequately connected to a detachment system of sorts?
As in the game’s coded in these past additions and wether due to issues with those additions as a whole or possibly nerfs/removal of more souped up items/abilities etc. upon removal has caused some form of incompatibility crash within the dictionary’s rewards system or some such constituent?

Apologies if my query was ill informed or appeared disrespectful in any way and for delving so headstrong into this issue. I mean no impudence or delay toward work/development being done on the app and I simply felt compelled to bring my findings to light in hopes of even if just a little, being able to aid in finally dissolving this darned dictionary demoralization.

Please feel free to discuss any other theories that potentially averted my awareness and/or offer any dissimilar/incompatible findings that might aid in narrowing down the potential culprit…

Keep Shining Bright dungeon dwellers

  • Kind Regards Jacob

I wish I could tell you how I fixed mine because I did so a long time ago, but I do not remember. It’s possible to fix though. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: