Yes! First year anniversary on the forums

Yeah! I didn’t realise it but I was here for a year now. Well, let there be more years of DQ for me. Why? I barely scratched the surface of the game. I made a few builds but I still have a lot to learn. At least crystals being easier definitely helps. Also first year anniversary to this entire forum because it was around for virtually a year after some topics were moved from TapaTalk forums. May I wish the best of luck to all :blush::sunglasses::+1:.


happy anniversary mate :smiley:

I remember tapatalk…but I like the new forum steiger set up much better. Happy 1 year and THANK YOU for playing and being a part of our community!!


Wow awesome i started playing 2 yrs ago and i had no idea that theres a forum like this… Congratulations on dq!! More powers!!!

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I didn’t realise DQ had a forum until patch 2.0 came out and by then, this forum format was fairly new but boy I’m glad I discovered the forums. I learned a lot of knowledge of DQ and it’s always good to learn more and share the knowledge. I never would have made it that far without some criticism or more knowledge of the game.