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Ok who will be the first to beat ultra in pvp and who will be the first to dethrone him? Post them when you beat him!


Here’s looking at you kid


that was quick


Soooooonn I’ll catch up to you allll… Hehehehehe soooon. XD


Took me a few hours


Are you rushing or dragging?


Got me a couple of mins

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AIs on div 1 are crap.

Nice too see division 1 changing spots. :smile: . @Kaboodle show them how to rock the top bro. :grin:

Is it true? :smile: . i think you belong on division 1 too. :smile: or your A.i is so strong bro. :scream::scream::scream:

TBH, it’s crapiest. When I leave it, I almost drop to mythic league.

I think most if not all of the players in the top 10 can get to number 1 easily and win most of the matches played. The issue is AI. I spent a few hours gaining 300 rank points to get to number one winning 95% vs non immortal builds and about 50% vs immortal builds. I log in today and I am 200 points behind first again and have only 1 chest in the mail showing my AI is pretty much a free win.

Still tho, it’s good to see people competing for the top spot again and maybe this will spawn some new super builds. I don’t have any crystals right now to do any testing but I look forward to playing around in arena again when I do.

created a thread to consolidate arena rank up posts

It somewhat surprising to me you have trouble with anyone else AI, even immortals, cause you hit very hard and can tank very well.

have you played my AI? how is it? I set it to stay 5 yards away in the hopes that it can kite.

The only AI I have any trouble with is immortal builds but that is only because i spend 10-11 rounds to wind those fights and am only around 65-75% vs them usually. There are still times (at least 8 times today so far) where I will just forfeit the fight since I only gain about 4 rank points playing them and even with losing points to forfeiting i can get more points winning 2 fights right after and still be ahead in time spent…

Yes, several times.

It acts just like a camper: Sit in a point about 8 yards near me and starts spaming scalp.

I didn’t lose any match to your AI (I didn’t lose to anyone, hehe), but lose some rounds. It’s all about playing carefully against it.

Yeah I use toss vs your AI. Spamming scalp won’t work vs you. I need to set my AI to get closer, I think 8 might be too far?

Storm throws you back to 8 yards again.

I’ve noticed an increase of manashield lately. Pity most of them just sit where they’ve spawned and repeatedly activate their shields. :joy: Easy wins.

But it’s encouraged me to start a build around it too. I have a pretty mean idea for it involving procs galore and quite a few bonuses that are easy to attain for the arena. So far, the little I’ve played around with since yesterday, it’s looking like a keeper. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Easy AI too as procs do most of the work for you, provided bonuses are there to compensate for power. My MMR went up quite a bit between then and now - it’s just a matter of tweaking it for div.1 compatibility now.