Your choice of pet..For me dog is the best.... What are your fav.pets


All also can anyone tell me what does the pet imp do.


I think the pet really comes down to build, but I to prefer my mans best friends too. Spike, Scout… yea. Great companions.


For me its the fairy at this stage (leveling and ascending) but when i reach the eternal level it will be the imp.


Hound ftw. Imp is ok and then fairy too. Slime is idk. For legend pets, it’s as long as they have good set affix and epic affix and if they fit your build.

Adventurer + hound for eg works. Fairy + alchemy or bloodmagic helps. Slime is alright for some certain build and imp but they are just there for the affixes . Imp for farming works though.


@wolfpuia the imp picks up item that you don’t pick up, and converts them to a higher tier item. so if you have your pick up settings for magic +, the imp will pick up 5 normal items, and convert them to magic, with a small chance for a rare or higher item. the good thing about the imp is few items for you to pick up and have to sell all the time. the bad part is what ever the imp picks up, you can’t sell it. in addition to the item being converted up, the imp will also sometimes pop out some orbs and gold.
so it is always 5 of one tier item to make the next tier item. the imp wont pick up Legend or higher items, but if you have your pick up setting on Legend +, all items the imp picks up will eventually end up as a Legend item, with a small chance for Crystal Legend. I am not sure, but I think there is a very small chance for it to be Eternal or Crystal Eternal. you just wont be able to sell your stuff for gold.
as far as what pet I like, imp. but using fairy at moment for the heal. I think slimes would be good for a 10% damage boost for builds that focus on 1 element. and hounds are good for farming builds, since they like digging up buried gold.


It’s actually not about their abilities for me. It’s all about the set bonuses.

Momentum, pathfinder, plagued… great affixes to obtain without needing it in your own gear set.

Personally, I think there’s far too many slimes diluting the pool with repetition


Any decent eternal


at the moment, any slime with the Element Set or Legend Sera will make me happy. I re-crafted my fairy so much because of the crystal affixes I put on my other gear. I am surprised she hasn’t left me.






For now im using simba satyr spirit. farming build simba give me armor because of gold find in my set plus he pickup all my unwanted loot


I like the dragon :dragon: pet! :joy:


imps is mine cause it can convert any epic to normal items into a legend ones